IJGA coach Julieta Granada, smiles against a black IJGA logo background

Julieta Granada

Senior Performance Coach

Paraguayan Olympian, Julieta Granada, knows what it takes to succeed as a golfer. She’s won the 2006 ADT Championship, the 2007 Women’s World Cup of golf, the 2005 YMCA Futures Classic, and a bronze medalist of the 2015 Pan-American Games. As a professional athlete herself, she has a unique perspective to give to aspiring golfers. When Julieta isn’t at IJGA, she’s spending time with her daughter, grilling with friends, and attending sporting events.  What’s your greatest asset/area of expertise?  Years of playing have given her a unique perspective on the coaching game. She can assist golfers with course management, game plans, pre-shot routines, and even the mental side of the game. Julie knows what it takes to win and be a world-class golfer. What’s your favorite part of working at IJGA?  Helping the students get better and accomplish their goals.

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