IJGA coach Camilo Castiblanco, smiles against a black IJGA logo background

Camilo Castiblanco

Golf Coach

Camilo Castiblanco, from Bogota, Colombia, provides unique insight from playing golf at the collegiate level, at the professional level, and from playing on his country’s national team. Camilo attended Sergio Arboleda University and finished school at the King Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain. In 2015, he came to IJGA as a post-grad looking to continue the advancement of his golf career and earned a 3-year full scholarship at IJGA LA LOMA. The same year, he received a PGA membership and a PGA of Colombia membership. Camilo also has experience playing a variety of mini-tours, including the Colombian, Mexican, and Florida tours, where he won one time during each. He enjoys working out, traveling, and exploring new restaurants during his free time.  What’s your greatest asset/area of expertise?  I’m a passionate and experienced player and coach with experience providing and creating instruction plans to help players meet and exceed their goals. I enjoy teaching and developing junior players that want to take their game to a higher level, making a difference in their technical game, mental development, physical strength, and course strategy. What’s your favorite part of working at IJGA?  Ability to develop players in the long term and the chance to work with players from all over the world.

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