Custom Programs

Student-athletes are welcome to join IJGA year-round for any number of weeks. We’ll work with you to create a custom program, and you’ll train under the same schedule as our full-time students.

A coach and IJGA golfer stand together on the course, looking at a laptop
IJGA student and coach looking to the distance as the coach points

Golf development

Designed to speed up a player’s skill development, these programs are unique. They cater to the direct needs of each individual golfer. Over the course of the program, our team of golf coaches and fitness instructors will evaluate and work on every aspect of the game for each of our students.

  • Receive: Personal attention, world-class training, a customized training program
  • Learn: Short game skills, course management, strategy, and more
  • Achieve: Peak golf performance

Short Term Programs

Student taking a drive swing