IJGA coach Andres Rodriguez, smiles against the 9th hole scenery

Andres Rodriguez

Senior Golf Coach

Andrés Rodriguez born in Armenia, Colombia attended the University La Gran Colombia where he graduated with a degree in Architecture. Following his graduation Andres focused on his playing career where he made the 3 man Colombian National team representing Colombia in the World Amateur Championship. Andres would go on to turning professional PGA Colombia / Master Instructor Colombian Golf Federation / JMGS Certified Instructor. He turned Pro in 2003 and offers 21 years of experience. Andres resided as the head professional and Director of Instruction at Club Campestre Guaymaral in Bogota Colombia as well as Club Los Lagartos. In 2006 Andres moved his passion for coaching to the USA where he joined the Jim Mclean Golf School in Miami FL. After 3 years in Miami training under Jim Mclean Andres followed his passion for Junior golf to the JPGA in Hilton Head SC where he spent 3 years as a Senior Coach. Andres joined the IJGA Coaching team in 2021 in his role as a Senior Golf Coach. Along with coaching the highest level of Junior / Amateur players Andres has worked with players from major tours around the world, predominantly the Latino America Tour. Andres thrives in his position with IJGA, having the chance to be a mentor for young players from all over the world and hopefully change their lives and reach their potential. IJGA is the right place if you as a Junior Golfer want to succeed in golf, facilities, technology, our own golf course, three putting greens, practice areas to hit any type of shot you want, we have everything.

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