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What Kind of Clothing Should You Wear During a Golf Tournament?

The Best Exercises for Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Chun-Wei Wu: Leading the Asian Pacific Amaeur 

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Summer Camp Guide

Our summer camp program provides an unforgettable experience for student-athletes all around the world. Download the IJGA Summer Camp Guide and learn why junior golfers come back year-after-year.

10 Reasons to Choose IJGA

There are a lot of reasons why students choose to live, study, and, train at IJGA. Download our guide and learn the top 10.

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Life at IJGA

We want prospective student-athletes to understand what life at IJGA is all about. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you make you decision.

Our Approach to junior golf development

Our Approach to Junior Golf Development guide was created with you in mind and we’re excited to show you more about how our unique approach benefits our junior golf athletes both on and off the golf course.

Group of IJGA golfers smile and walk together on the golf course