IJGA coach Gary Wise, smiles against the 9th hole scenery

Gary Wise

Senior Performance Coach

Gary became and certified sports trainer from the Australian Sports Medicine Foundation in 1984 prior to attending the Australian Institute of Sport where Gary was on a rowing scholarship. Gary would go on to graduate in 1991 with a degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Additionally Gary has accumulated many professional certifications throughout his career making him an extremely well rounded Golf Coach and Performance Expert. International Sports Sciences Association: Certified Golf Fitness Instructor – 2000. United States Golf Fitness Association: Certified Master Golf Fitness Instructor – 2002. C.H.E.K Institute: Golf Biomechanics Certification – 2003. United States Sports Academy: Sport Psychology certified – 2010. Australian Sports Commission: High Performance Coaching certified – 2011 Gary is also a current member of the International Society of Sport Psychology. He turned Pro in the PGA of Australia 1987. Gary completed his Australian PGA Traineeship under the then head of the PGA Alan Kelly in 1987 after which Gary would go on to play professionally around the world along with competing on the world long drive tour. During this time Gary held placements at some prestigious clubs around the world such as Merion Golf Club. After his playing career Gary turned to helping players on the PGA Tour. In 2001 Gary founded his own company Human Maximum Performance (HMP) – where he served as Owner and Athlete Performance Director from 2001 – 2016. Gary entered the Junior Academy development in 2016. Gary held the position of Director of Mental Performance from 2016 – 2019 with IJGA (Formerly GGGA) and then transitioning into the Senior Performance Coach in 2020 where he is currently. Gary enjoys contributing as part of a coaching team to the holistic development of our IJGA student Athletes.

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