IJGA coach Gary Wise, smiles against a black IJGA logo background

Gary Wise

Senior Performance Coach

Gary Wise has been a fully certified member of the Professional Golf Association of Australia since 1987 and holds an Advanced Certification in coaching. Gary got his professional start as a Certified Sports Trainer at the Australian Sports Medicine Foundation. Since then, he’s received certifications from the Australian Institute of Sport, the International Sports Sciences Association, the United States Golf Fitness Association, and numerous other institutions. Throughout his career, he’s taken roles in public service, leadership, professional golf, and athlete performance development. Outside of golf, Gary enjoys a multitude of other sports. He’s won the International Lifesaving Society World Surfboat Rowing Championships and the World Paddling Association Paddleboard Championship and is the former Master’s Indoor Rowing World Record holder. What’s your greatest asset/area of expertise?  Understanding Adaptive Performance State (APS). One of the most difficult challenges facing an athlete is adaption to change while managing the inconsistent nature of their sport. Inconsistency is predicated on both internal and external factors. As a self-organizing organism, the athlete must have a performance process from which they can create physiological and psychological harmony. The guiding principles outlined in the Adaptive Performance State (APS) concept can serve as a platform for the athlete to achieve this process and their ultimate goal of skill mastery.  
 What’s your favorite part of working at IJGA?  During my 30-plus years of coaching in many parts of the world, I’ve helped prepare players at every level of golf, from beginners to PGA TOUR Major Champions. I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge, and passion with student-athletes who wish to learn, understand, and improve their performance factors.

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