World-Class Training Facilities

Located on beautiful Little Lake Harris in Florida’s Lake County, just 45 minutes from Orlando International Airport, the IJGA training facilities at Bishops Gate are world-class. IJGA is the only junior academy course where students have priority access, allowing students to have more autonomy and flexibility in their training program.

The Best Course in Junior Golf

The IJGA campus has the most unique golf training facility in the junior golf academy industry and offer extensive training options. Our USGA-quality greens on both the golf course and in the range are built for high-performance training.

By the Numbers

Training Facilities

IJGA’s golf training facilities are world-class. Challenging golf conditions are replicated on the range, providing an environment that builds performance skills and prepares students for the toughest courses.


Training Locations

Each of our 8 specialized training locations is designed to develop different skills, allowing you to train in a variety of course conditions.


Hole Golf Course

A strategic FSGA-rated 18 hole golf course experience with a number of shared fairways and double greens.


Yard Golf Course

IJGA’s golf course is 6,863 yards off the back tees to 5,249 off the front tees. With all holes having either water or other hazards, such as out-of-bounds, it is a challenging and strategic golf course.


Teeing Areas

We have 5 teeing areas on the range. With oak trees down the middle of the range, it resembles a golf course.


Acres of Training Ground

Our 20-acre practice facilities allow students to train in golf course conditions every day. We have 100,000 square feet of practice putting and short-game greens, and multiple bunkers.

Chipping Bunkers

There are 3 short game areas where you can work on unlimited situations ranging from green side bunkers to 180-yard approach shot.

Don't Forget Our Fitness centers

Fitness at IJGA improves flexibility; mobility, core strength; overall strength and balance. The program is individualized according to each students’ physiological needs to help their golf swing and movement patterns.

Nutrition & Health is also a focus, and students are educated in the importance of good nutrition for building and maintaining their strength and endurance.

Injury prevention and recovery is part of the program, and staff are trained to assess injuries and aid in the recovery process.

IJGA promotes physical therapy when needed, massage therapy, and all aspects of medical support for student athletes.

State-of-the-Art Training Technology

IJGA students are continually assessed with the latest technology.

Swing Catalyst’s Dual Motion Plate (DMP) provides the coach and player with the most comprehensive force and motion data of any technology on the market.

The Dual Motion Plate gives the most accurate data on horizontal shear force, vertical force, and torque. Additionally, with DMP, you can study the individual horizontal shear forces, the individual vertical forces, and the individual free moment (twisting forces) produced by each foot.

DMP allows us to view the pressure heat mapping under each foot, stance width data, the location of the individual center of pressure (CoP) on each foot as well as the line joining them, and the percentage of pressure under each foot.

The combination of Swing Catalyst’s Dual Force Plate and swing analysis software integrated with TrackMan allows our coaching team to make informed coaching decisions based on factual data for the most effective and efficient improvements.

Swing Catalyst is the #1 golf video analysis software on the market. It’s comprehensive and powerful, praised by coaches and players around the world for its user-friendliness.

The software enables us to capture live video from a range of high-speed cameras or import videos straight from our smartphones. In addition to HD videos, we can analyze swings with drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay, and side-by-side comparison.

TrackMan is the world leader in golf ball and club data and the most widely used tracker on all major tours around the world, including the PGA and LPGA Tours.

TrackMan 4’s dual radar technology enables the most accurate capture of 28 different parameters of the ball and club—there are no assumptions, no guesses—just high-speed, accurate data.

The unit’s focused, high-resolution radar beam provides the greatest detail and accuracy on the club and ball at the point of impact and through its flight or roll.

Each IJGA coach is trained in and has a deep knowledge of the parameters that TrackMan provides and factors these into each player’s plan and practice.

FocusBand is a motion-based brain training system used by many of the world’s best athletes, including former world #1 players Jason Day and Justin Rose. It is the true favorite on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. Focus band’s brain-sensing headset is worn by the player, with real-time data displayed through FocusBand’s performance application.

FocusBand allows our IJGA coaches to test and monitor each player’s ability to focus and strength of focus. It also trains players to remain in the present and increase their ability to perform in a flow state through visual and auditory feedback.

HackMotion is the leader in testing, monitoring, and training, targeting wrist angles and club face control. Through the use of HackMotion’s dual-sensor wrist unit, our IJGA coaching team can test each player’s extension/flexion, radial/ulnar, and rotation of both the lead and trail wrist. With this information, coaches gain a full understanding of each player’s pattern and the correct improvements needed to gain more face control.

HackMotion’s real-time data and audio feedback tools allow the player to train with biofeedback for deeper practice and heightened awareness of their improvements.

K-Motion is the industry leader in wireless human motion learning. The K-Motion vest allows the IJGA coaching team to measure, analyze, and train each player’s swing in complete 3D as it relates to the way each player moves, sequences, and creates speed and power.

A player’s bend, side bend, and rotations are measured throughout the swing, along with the kinematic sequence, speed creation, and tempo.

With this data, the coaching team can analyze the areas of major improvement. Lastly, through K Vest’s biofeedback tool, coaches and players can train with accurate feedback for faster learning and development.

SAM PuttLab is the world’s leading putting coaching system. Using Ultrasonic 3D, a player’s stroke is measured on 70 parameters giving a player direct comparisons to PGA Tour performance data.

High consistency is key to putting success on the course, in particular for advanced players. The IJGA coaching team can identify individual strengths and weaknesses through the use of conclusive competence profiles. SAM PuttLab provides a performance scoring for all putting parameters relative to PGA Tour performance.

Our SAM PuttLab is housed in our very own Putting Studio located in the practice facility for ease of use and training integration. We also have a second unit in our high-performance swing studio for follow-up and check-in.

State-of-the-Art Training Technology

Along with the support of Montverde Academy, IJGA also offers a wide variety of academic support for students.

Two junior golfers smile together while holding their golf gear

Student Voices

“There are so many opportunities here to grow as a person. The culture here is very diverse and it brings more possibilities for our futures.”

–One Kashima, Japan

“Great people and amazing facilities that can help me to be successful.”

–Hibiki Adachi, Japan

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