Heritage Academy is a haven for young adults with a passion for extracurricular achievement, and the jewel in the crown of IJGA.

Since 1993, Heritage Academy has maintained a small, caring community of highly trained professionals who have helped aspiring men and women achieve their dreams. At the heart of the Heritage Academy is a dedication for providing progressive instruction to students pursuing athletic and artistic goals. The academy will do everything necessary to ensure that students develop a strong motivation for learning, a founded sense of moral dignity and a commitment to global citizenship.

Fifty percent of the Heritage student body play sports. The IJGA student-athletes study and learn among other serious-minded international and national athletes, whose aims are the same – lifelong benefit from the sport, dedication to rigorous training and competition, and enhanced opportunities to play on a college team. This shared sense of purpose and success in all the passion area sports spills over so that all students see what it take to be a champion in a variety of sport, and they see that there are many who are like them who want to be the best they can be as scholar-athletes.

The classroom environment is innovative, interactive and student-centered. Heritage uses a 3-x block schedule for high school. The academic year is divided into Fall and Spring courses. Classes meet for 90 minutes M-F from 7:15AM to 12:06PM or from 12:15PM to 5:00PM. Students take three courses each semester, allowing them to earn six credits per year and have only to focus attention on coursework in three subjects at a time. The benefit of less academic stress and less homework time is enormous for an adolescent who is in training 15 hours a week. The schedule also solves the life-school time management issue. The schedule mimics what the students will experience in college. They develop a sense of time management for academics other will have to learn once they arrive on campus. Some students may follow a personalized hybrid or mid-day schedule to accommodate their training. Another benefit is more courses can be offered a year, which benefits students who must retake classes and those arriving for their senior year can be guaranteed there will be no schedule conflicts for required courses.

Learn more about our new Virtual Campus – an exciting new approach to learning. Learn more about Virtual Campus or download the brochure.

Heritage Academy-Services At IJGA


• Local, national, and international students grades 7-12 from 28 states and 27 countries.
• Scholar-athletes and performing artists training academically & athletically to earn spots on NCAA teams or arts program.
• Aspiring college students–be it an Ivy League or state university.
• Students aspiring to graduate high school in three years via our Fast Track High School Academics Program.
• ESL post-grads who are preparing for academics at a U.S. college.

Heritage Academy Offers At IJGA


• Grades 7-12
• Small class size with an average of 8 and a maximum of 15
• Block Scheduling
• ESL, College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement Classes
• Community partners in athletics and arts
• An international student population
• Personalized college placement services
• I-20 Authorization

Heritage Academy Courses


• Literature Analysis
• Biology
• U.S. Government
• Calculus
• Psychology
• Studio Art
• Geometry
• Physical Science
ª Spanish
• Public Speaking
• British Literature
• And much more!

Key Faculty

Head of School
Assistant Head of School
Director of Admissions
Head of School

Gloria Shoemaker

Ms. Shoemaker earned her M.S. from Indiana University in Secondary Education and also holds certification in English education, gifted/talented education, and ESL instruction. She spent thirty years in international education on four continents building an extensive teaching and professional leadership and administrative background. She possesses a broad understanding of North American and international education systems. Ms. Shoemaker serves as Head of School.

Assistant Head of School

Dean Costakis

Mr. Costakis holds a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina and a B.A. in Elementary Education from Purdue University.  Mr. Costakis is originally from the Chicago area and moved to Hilton Head in May of 2004 after vacationing to the island for over a decade.  This is his eighth year in administration at Heritage Academy.  In addition to serving as the Assistant Head of School, Mr. Costakis teaches science and social studies for grades 5-6.  His passions include reading, exercising, singing and playing the guitar.

Director of Admissions

Tina Sprouse

Ms. Sprouse graduated from Mars Hill College located near Asheville, North Carolina, with B.S. in Business Administration. After volunteering for a year in the admissions department, she worked as the Administrative Assistant until September, 2006 when she became the Director of Admissions.


An exciting new approach to learning


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