IJGA is uniquely committed amongst junior golf academies to providing a “great” experience to students, with all actions by staff to be “defined by excellence”.

Trust and Safety

Above all else, IJGA is committed to rewarding the trust placed in it and is committed to providing a safe environment:


We at IJGA recognize the enormous trust placed in us by parents, who send us their children during some of the most formative and important years in their childhood, with the expectation that they will excel in golf and academics, and even more importantly, develop in character. Therefore, we cannot be satisfied with good, but must offer a great environment and great team of committed and caring staff, including golf coaches, house parents, academic support, college placement.


Although easy to take for granted, not all junior golf academies have the same commitment to safety that we have. Which starts with our gated community campus, then the security around our houses, with alarms on doors / windows and cameras. House parents monitoring the houses every hour of the day and a security guard on duty in the evenings. Safety also extends to our control of students when off campus at activities, where we practice as best possible the concept of “eyes on students” at all times. Our Student Handbook rules are also clear in not permitting drugs, nicotine, alcohol, sexual relations, harassment and bullying, all of which we have no tolerance for. Finally, safety is also found in precautions against Covid, regular housekeeping to keep houses hygienic, and centralized professional catering for the meals we provide. Of course, we cannot guarantee absolute safety, but it is our highest priority.

what makes us unique

Our business philosophy is unique to IJGA amongst junior golf academies:

our team structure

Operating under the ethos of a partnership we have multiple management groups, all expected to meet monthly:

Chaired by the CEO and made up of senior staff in Golf, Student Care, Academic Support, College Placement and Marketing / Recruitment.

Chaired by the Director of Golf Operations, made up of POD Leaders and senior golf staff.

Chaired by the Director of Student Care and Academics, made up of House Parent Managers, Director of Student Care Operations and Director of Education.

Chaired by the Director of College Placement, made up of Director of Education and golf coaches involved in the process.

Chaired by the Director of Marketing and Recruitment, made up of key recruitment consultants and the Marketing Manager.

Chaired by the CEO, made up of the Director of HR and Chief Financial Officer.

Chaired by the Director of Property, made up of the Golf Superintendent, Assistant Golf Superintendent, Mechanic and Manager of Property Maintenance.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Director of Admissions & Student Operations

Director of Education and College Placement

Director of Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions / Director of Student Care

Director of Property

Maintenance Manager