Student Character and Leadership development

IJGA exists to empower young adolescents as engaged citizens of an ever-changing, complex global society. As such, more than golf, more than school, IJGA must ensure the positive character development of all students.

Group picture of smiling female golf students.

Preparing Students for Success

Housing Team

Housing teams provide mentoring and life skills coaching which help develop students whole person and character.


Juniors and seniors may become a CAPTAIN—appointed as a student leader—who are given responsibility and tutored in leadership.


The HABITUDES Character Program extends the course of the school year and provides students with many opportunities for individual and team development.

Recreational Opportunities

Memorable activities are organized for weekends, some challenging but others purely recreational.

Academic Support

IJGA has a Learning Center, headed by the director of academics, with specialist tutors as well as supervised Study Hall.

Counseling Service

Reviews all aspects of the development of students, including golf, academics, and socialization.