Unmatched College Placement

IJGA has the best track record in regards to college placement. The vast majority of IJGA students go on to play golf at the college level.

First College Signing event of 2023
Group of junior-athletes stand and sit together on a dock smiling and holding college pennants

Dedicated College Planning and Placement Team

Our experienced College Planning and Placement Team, together with the coaching team, has a strong network of college coach relationships that can help eliminate many of the unknowns and identify the right program for every student. We lead and guide students through the intricacies of the process and give every student the best opportunity to make the right decision for them.

Our Legacy

Of College Placement

IJGA is the longest established independent junior golf academy in the U.S., dating back to 1995. Our numbers speak for themselves.


Wins from IJGA Students in the 2021 season alone

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Top colleges and universities that IJGA graduates have attended since 2014

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Of IJGA graduates have earned a college golf placement spot in the last 3 years

Student Academic Resources

 IJGA offers a wide variety of academic support for students to supplement the MVA curriculum.