Summer Camp Programs

IJGA’s summer golf camps are designed with you in mind, offering junior golfers a tailored plan and strategy to improve their skills while enjoying a memorable summer. 

With a focus on individualized instruction, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive learning environment, our summer golf camp offers junior golfers the perfect opportunity to elevate their game and make the most of their summer break.

Take your game to the next level while having fun in the sun. Registration is open!

Winter Camp

Attending an IJGA winter golf camp means cooler temperatures without the burden of snow or intense heat. These optimal weather conditions allow students to focus more on improving their game without environmental resistance, enhancing their overall stats and performance. 

Golf Development

You’re unique. You have your own goals, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses. We don’t strive to make everyone swing the club the same way, but rather we get to know you and your golf game. We then build a customized plan for you that will improve your game while you are here and back at home. 

  • Core and Elite Programs offered
  • Learn correct fundamentals and mechanics
  • Receive consistent feedback from coaches
Coach leading two students in box jump exercises.


The centralized, full-service campus, and private golf facilities for IJGA students, together with the experience and quality of our golf program, are unrivaled, evidenced by the rankings of the players and the prestigious colleges that they attend.

Camp Activities

Summer camp is fun, not just because of all the awesome people you will meet from around the world or the fun activity schedule that is nonstop. What makes IJGA summer camp special is that you will leave with a much better understanding of your game and a clear path to getting better.