Montverde Academy

With over 100 years of educational experience, MVA is an international, co-educational, college preparatory school that offers considerable advantages to IJGA students seeking the highest quality education. MVA is ranked in the top 20 of notable private schools in the USA, out of a total of 36,000 schools.

Reasons to Choose Montverde Academy

31 AP Classes

More than 100 MVA students are recognized each year by the College Board for their high performance on the associated AP exams

Renowned Faculty

The vast majority of MVA’s faculty have advanced degrees.

3 SAC Programs

MVA provides study area concentration diplomas in STEM, business, and public service programs.

Morning and Afternoon Academics

In support of their athletic students (including IJGA golfers), MVA offers equally strong morning and afternoon academic programs so athletes can train in the morning and attend afternoon school.

Community Service

At MVA, students are taught to give back. Students are required to complete 25 hours of community service each year.

ESL Program

MVA has a strong ESL program in which students quickly master their English language skills.

Sports Leadership

MVA has the most successful high school basketball, soccer, tennis, and baseball programs over the past decade. ESPN frequently televises their games.

Premium Facilities

MVA has outstanding athletic facilities to support their leading sports teams.

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