Going to College? Take Your Mental Golf Skills With You for Success

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

College is the next big step in your life. How you perform there can lay the groundwork for success for the rest of your life. If you have attended IJGA, then you know that we don’t just teach golf skills. We teach the “how” in how to be a solid, competitive athlete. The idea is […]

Nutrition for a Better Golf Game

You can practice and have all the skills you need to be a top contender in a golf tournament. But if your nutrition intake isn’t where it needs to be, full of sugars, carbs and processed foods, you’re going to find yourself crashing on the course. In today’s blog from IJGA, we’re going to give […]

Advantages of Earning a Golf Scholarship for College

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

IJGA’s purpose is to foster your love of golf and academic excellence with the goal of preparing you for college. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship and play the sport you love. In today’s blog from IJGA, we explain the advantages of earning a golf scholarship for college. Reduce […]

10 Essential Items to Bring to Our Golf Boarding School

Golf boarding school is in full swing. You’re getting into a routine, training to improve your game, and getting to know your instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses 10 essential items to bring to our golf boarding school. 1. Comfortable Hat Bring a comfortable hat that covers your face for sun protection. If you have […]

Five Benefits of Attending a Golf Boarding School

2020 Graduates Golf Boarding School IJGA

There are many ways that attending an excellent golf boarding school like IJGA can help you become a better golfer as well as a better person. In today’s blog, we discuss five benefits of attending our golf boarding school here in Central Florida. 1. Socialization Everyone at IJGA’s golf boarding school has a passion for […]

Four Reasons to Attend a Golf Boarding School

Junior Golf Boarding School IJGA Reasons to Attend

Golf boarding school is exciting, fun, and challenging. You get to be around people who have a passion for golf, and you can perfect your game while getting a world-class golf experience. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four reasons to attend our golf boarding school. 1. Top-Notch Instructors Our instructors come from many different backgrounds. […]

4 Ways to Know If a Junior Golf Summer Camp Is for You

You’re not sure you want to enroll in a junior golf summer camp. You already have an interest in golf, and you’d love to take your game up a notch. But how do you know you’ll get everything you can possibly get out of a summer camp? Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four ways to […]

How the Bishops Gate Practice Facility Enhances Your Summer Golf Camp Experience

Junior golf summer camp is fun. You get to practice the game you love with professional coaches, hang out with new friends, and improve in the sport from a new perspective. One of the main advantages of attending summer golf camp at IJGA is the world-class practice grounds. Today’s blog from IJGA explains how the […]

Five Huge Benefits of IJGA Junior Golf Summer Camp

Junior Golf Summer Camp IJGA

It’s time to start thinking about summer camp and where you’ll go this year. If you or your child loves golf, consider a junior golf summer camp from International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) at Bishops Gate in Orlando, Florida. We pride ourselves on world-class facilities and top instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses five huge […]

IJGA Owner and CEO Andrew Summers Featured on Hilton Head Monthly Magazine

Published by Hilton Head Monthly, January 2020 Andrew Summers The Golf Entrepreneur BY MARCO FREY PHOTO BY LLOYD WAINSCOTT For Andrew Summers, life is about the long game. During a Thanksgiving round of golf with students from International Junior Golf Academy, he described his swing as “lousy. And yet I probably scored better than all […]