Jerry Miao: College Signing Speech

Jerry Miao College Signing

Jerry Miao, a graduating senior committed to Macalester College, delivered a heartwarming speech at our first College Signing event of the year. Having dedicated the better part of his teenage years to IJGA, he cherishes the fond memories created during his time, and likewise, we hold a special place for him in our hearts. 

Jerry was part of a class that persevered through COVID-19, and with his parents in Shanghai unable to travel, they were separated for four years. IJGA was his “home” for that period.  Andrew Summers, IJGA’s CEO, recounted how when his mother could finally visit, she stared speechless at him, absorbing the growth she had missed.

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Jerry Miao’s IJGA Experience

“Even though COVID separated us for almost four years, there was never a point in this journey I did not feel supported by you guys. I think it is true that love overcomes distance.” – Jerry.

When Jerry first came to IJGA, he felt pressured to succeed and show his parents he was making the most of this unique opportunity. He quickly found that his parents understood his worries and simply wanted him to be happy. He succeeded in doing all the above. 

Over the years, his academics have shown remarkable improvement, and he’s ending his high school experience with a 4.6 GPA in the recent Q1. Jerry states, “Success should never be defined by the achievement of an individual.”

During his speech, Jerry mentioned everything he is grateful for at IJGA. He recalls meeting Ting-Wei, his roommate and first friend at IJGA, and now they sit next to each other at this college signing ceremony, awaiting the unknown. 

He thanked his graduated and current friends, for without them, he would not have made it this far with his parents 8,000 miles away. Next, Andrew, for taking excellent care of the students and facilities and providing them with the IJGA platform to launch them into lifelong success. He expressed appreciation for the golf coaches and house parents.  And finally, Stephanie and Lynda for their guidance in navigating academics and student life.

Jerry ended his speech with, “We only have two jobs on this earth, the first to learn and the second to hope. We all have ways to soften the ends; some edges need more softening than others. Success will not always be the central theme in our lives, but be patient, and your dreams will come to fruition. And on the journey, find those that care about you. Just be yourself; you are the best.”

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We’re excited to see where the next chapter of Jerry’s academic and golf career takes him and wish him success in his future endeavors. 

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