2023/2024 IJGT National Championship

We’re proud to share the success of IJGA students in the prestigious IJGT National Championship tournament. What Is the IJGT National Championship?  The IJGT National Championship is played over three 54-hole events, one in the fall and two in the spring semesters. These tournaments are crucial for players seeking WAGR ranking points and provide opportunities […]

The Best Exercises for Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Close-up of golf ball getting swung at

Mastering the perfect golf swing requires combining skill, technique, and physical fitness.  Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a new enthusiast, incorporating the right exercises into your routine can significantly enhance your performance on the course. We’ll share the best exercises for refining your golf swing, focusing on key areas like flexibility, strength, and balance. […]

IJGA Stars Make History

IJGA Golfer Evan Pena

Two IJGA athletes had outstanding performances at the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship and the South American Amateur tournaments.  Evan Pena Wins the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship.  Fifteen-year-old Evan Pena, hailing from Puerto Rico, made history as the first home player to clinch victory at the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship.  He achieved this […]

How a Golf Fitness Program Brings Balance 

A pillar of IJGA’s developmental success is our comprehensive golf fitness program. From the moment students step foot at IJGA, their physical fitness is assessed. Additionally, factors such as mentality and nutrition are tracked.  We tackle the challenge of individual improvement holistically. Our team knows each junior golfer is an individual, so no one dietary […]

Mental Performance: The Flow State

Bill Nelson is our Mental Performance Coach at IJGA and last Wednesday he was out teaching our Post-Graduate players. He has an extensive background training thousands of players and over 20 years of experience. He travels across the country to teach players how to be aware of their mental state and regulate it to improve […]

IJGA Welcomes Golf Prodigy – Sofia Cherif Essakali

Elena Moosmann and Sofia Essakali visit IJGA

With every visit to the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), Moroccan golf prodigy Sofia Cherif Essakali makes more friends and feels more at home.  Sofia’s remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and genuine passion for the game have already set her apart. As she visits IJGA once again, we are excited to be part of her journey […]

How to Build a Better Junior Golf Resume

Close-up photo of student typing, creating their junior golf resume

A junior golf resume is a crucial document in the recruiting process, much like your professional resume when applying for a job.  Building a junior golf resume is a necessity for aspiring young golfers. It’s a comprehensive record of a player’s accomplishments, experiences, and progress. It provides a tangible representation of their dedication and skill […]

Jerry Miao: College Signing Speech

Jerry Miao College Signing

Jerry Miao, a graduating senior committed to Macalester College, delivered a heartwarming speech at our first College Signing event of the year. Having dedicated the better part of his teenage years to IJGA, he cherishes the fond memories created during his time, and likewise, we hold a special place for him in our hearts.  Jerry […]

Alumni Spotlight: Filip Jakubcik

IJGA Alumni, Filip Jakubcik

We are thrilled to share the success of our alumni as they continue to shine in college. Filip Jakubcik’s dedication and hard work on the golf course translate into impressive achievements in the classroom and beyond. In 2018, Filip came to IJGA from Holesov, Czech Republic, and graduated in May 2022.  Filip, now a sophomore […]

Why Attend a Full-Time Golf Academy in Florida?

Two IJGA golfers smile in a golf cart.

For individuals who aspire to take their golfing skills to the highest level, attending a full-time golf academy is a commitment to reaching one’s full potential. To play at the collegiate or even professional level, student-athletes must invest in their training and education. IJGA shares why enrolling in a full-time Florida golf academy is the […]