How a Golf Fitness Program Brings Balance 

A pillar of IJGA’s developmental success is our comprehensive golf fitness program. From the moment students step foot at IJGA, their physical fitness is assessed. Additionally, factors such as mentality and nutrition are tracked. 

We tackle the challenge of individual improvement holistically. Our team knows each junior golfer is an individual, so no one dietary or physical plan will work across the board.

 To develop successful junior golfers, we must meet them exactly where they are and nurture them along each step of their journey.

Injury Prevention: IJGA’s Expertise in Safeguarding Golfers

What is so special about IJGA? Our commitment to excellence is evident in our personalized approach. 

Led by Karen Harrison, our Director of Health and Athletic Development, and Sebastian Brown, our Director of Fitness, our team works tirelessly to address every student’s specific requirements.

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We ensure rapid yet sustainable progress by focusing on proper movement techniques and injury prevention strategies.

How Do Our Junior Golfers Train? 

Our structured fitness regimen comprises group sessions twice a week, supplemented by optional courses for added flexibility. Alongside our fitness program, experienced coaches, including Grant, Manuel, Julieta, Andres, Hugh, John, Gary, Drake, Camilo, and Dimitri, lead students in daily on-course training sessions. 

With three hours of daily supervised training under the guidance of their POD leader, our students receive comprehensive support to maximize their potential.

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By integrating golf-specific fitness training into our curriculum and providing personalized attention to each student, we empower aspiring junior golfers to excel at every stage of their journey.

Unlock Your Potential: The Ultimate Golf Fitness Program at IJGA

At IJGA, we believe a balanced approach will help our students level up their golf. This includes our Fitness Program, Coaching Program, and Mental Performance Program. 

These programs, in turn, help unlock technical planning, developing tournament strategy, and on-course strategy. 

Through regular assessment testing, we create personalized blueprints with achievable goals, providing our students with clear insights into their progress. Regular assessment testing to create blueprints with attainable goals helps our students know exactly where they are and where they’ve come from. 

This process fosters self-awareness and reflection, empowering players to recognize the cycles and challenges they face in golf and life. With this understanding, students learn when it’s time to reset and start the process of achieving their next goal. 

Starting Training at IJGA 

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