Mental Performance: The Flow State

Bill Nelson is our Mental Performance Coach at IJGA and last Wednesday he was out teaching our Post-Graduate players. He has an extensive background training thousands of players and over 20 years of experience. He travels across the country to teach players how to be aware of their mental state and regulate it to improve their golf performance.

This time, Bill focused on The Flow Factor and the Elements of The Flow State. There are 9 Dimensions of Flow. These include:

  1. Challenge and Skills Have Balance
  2. Action and Awareness Merge (Focused)
  3. Clear Goals and Know What the Next Step Is
  4. Clear Feedback
  5. Concentration On the Task at Hand
  6. Full Sense of Control
  7. You Lose Self-consciousness
  8. Time Becomes Distorted
  9. Autotelic

Bill worked to breakdown these factors with our students helping them to clearly understand how to apply these factors to their golf. In Wednesday’s session, our Post-Graduate POD was focused on putting.

At IJGA we pride ourselves in the combination of expert training paired with instant access to thoughtfully designed training environments. Our Coaching Team of 13 professional has each of our student’s golf development journey mapped, always adding adjustments based on the individual. This includes both golf strategy and fitness capability. Our coaches are well versed in data analysis for our state-of-the-art training technology includingSwing Catalyst – Dual Motion Plate, Swing Catalyst Analysis Software, TrackMan, FocusBand, HackMotion, K-Motion, and SAM PuttLab. Beyond our ability to train and manage the development of each of our students and campers, our small size facilitates a personal environment that works to develop friendships with staff and peers that last a lifetime.

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