Going to College? Take Your Mental Golf Skills With You for Success

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

College is the next big step in your life. How you perform there can lay the groundwork for success for the rest of your life. If you have attended IJGA, then you know that we don’t just teach golf skills. We teach the “how” in how to be a solid, competitive athlete. The idea is […]

Nutrition for a Better Golf Game

You can practice and have all the skills you need to be a top contender in a golf tournament. But if your nutrition intake isn’t where it needs to be, full of sugars, carbs and processed foods, you’re going to find yourself crashing on the course. In today’s blog from IJGA, we’re going to give […]

Can the Friendships You Make Today Help Your Golf Career Later?

IJGA’s purpose is to foster your love of golf and academic excellence with the goal of preparing you for college. Our hope is that you also develop friendships that will last a lifetime, while helping your golf career in the process. In today’s blog from IJGA, we explain why this is important and how lifelong […]

How to Gain a Competitive Edge at IJGA’s Winter Golf Camp

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

IJGA’s golf winter camp allows you to practice at the same facility as our Academy students. Because the weather is always warm in Florida, even during winter, we keep our facility open for students year-round so they can keep their golf game fresh. Today’s blog from IJGA explains how to gain a competitive edge at […]

10 Essential Items to Bring to Our Golf Boarding School

Golf boarding school is in full swing. You’re getting into a routine, training to improve your game, and getting to know your instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses 10 essential items to bring to our golf boarding school. 1. Comfortable Hat Bring a comfortable hat that covers your face for sun protection. If you have […]

Mind over Matter – Pablo Larrazabal

We had an opportunity to catch up with IJGA Alumni, Pablo Larrazabal. During the Alfred Dunhill Championship (ADC) at Leopard Creek in South Africa, the golf course where he made his debut as a pro golfer twelve years ago, Pablo accomplished something remarkable. A blister on his right toe caused him pain which affected his […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Sports Academy.

Group of IJGA golfers smile and walk together on the golf course

Choosing a sports academy is a huge decision for you and your child. Before enrolling, you must consider student support, academics, and training programs. What would your child’s boarding school life look like if you could wave a magic wand? What are your priorities for your child? What are their priorities?  We’ve raised some questions […]

What College Golf Coaches Look For In Recruits

The college recruiting process is a daunting task for most junior golfers, so it’s important to head into it knowing what coaches are looking for so you know your priorities when it comes to being a desirable recruit. Although every coach has their own wants and needs, here is a general list of what most […]

How Far Will Your Ball Carry?

Definition: Ball Speed is the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact. Technical Definition: Ball Speed is the speed of the golf ball’s center of gravity immediately after separation from the club face.  Inconsistent impact such as shots hit on the toe or heel can reduce the potential ball speed. Heal strikes will typically lower […]

College Placement Timeline

youth all smiling with a body of water as a backdrop

By IJGA College Planning & Placement Team There is a lot of work that goes into college placement and landing a spot on a college golf team. The preparation needs to start early and there’s a certain process to follow. See the optimal college placement timeline below.  Freshman Year of High School Build a resume […]