IJGA Offers Tips On Balancing School, Self Care, and Training To Junior Golfers

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The exciting lifestyle of a student-athlete is demanding, rewarding and discipline- inducing, but also exciting. Attending school to focus on your skillset while being surrounded by your professional peers is an opportunity few have access to. Our team here at IJGA understands all of the nuances involved with this incredible lifestyle, which means we also understand the potential of feeling overwhelmed. This is why we work to make sure all junior golfers are balancing self-care with their budding careers. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss our top tips on balancing school with self-care, and training. 

Set A Routine

The key to every professional’s success whether they are a doctor, golfer, or an artist is to manage time by establishing a routine and work ethic around that routine. Staying realistic about what works best for you daily is part of establishing that routine. 

If you know you wake up at the same time daily, then plan that into your routine. If you know you like to take a break for phone time at 2:00 pm every day to wake your brain up, that’s okay! Smart professionals are realistic professionals. 

Utilizing Google Calendar in your phone to block your day out will help you stay on track. There is also an abundance of time management apps out there as well that will send you notifications that it’s time to move onto the next part of your day.  

Self-Care Means Budgeting Fun And Lazy Time

Part of self-care includes allowing your brain to lay dormant for a bit, so it can recharge. Staying constantly busy is unhealthy. 

When you’re designing your routine, be sure to budget time for fun and time for being lazy. Even if it’s 30 minutes in the morning or evening to just sit and scroll through your phone in your PJ’s, it’s really important to the development of your brain.

Eat, Sleep, Drink Water, Repeat

It might seem like a no-brainer to be reminded to sleep, eat well, and drink water, but many student-athletes need to hear it so they don’t fall victim to an unhealthy lifestyle.  

Young athletes often have high metabolisms, so they are given the false impression that they can eat whatever they want and ‘stay skinny’ or because it ‘doesn’t affect them’. In reality, whatever is put into your body becomes the fuel in which your body relies on for the day and for the game. 

Having a full 9 hours of sleep, a balanced and healthy diet, and lots of water is key in optimizing your performance and recovery time after conditioning. 

Stay Connected With Friends And Family

It is easy to let go of contact with friends and family when everything exciting is happening all at once. However, humans are social creatures, and it’s important to retain our people throughout each changing season in life. 

We do this by investing in them. Going to boarding school, and investing in your future is incredible. You’ll make lifelong friends, and will gain mentorship in your career. Just remember to pick up the phone and facetime your parents and your best friends back home here and there. 

Junior Golfers Are Cared For With IJGA

IJGA features a year-round golf boarding school and golf camps for aspiring professional junior golfers. We invest in the next generation of golfers in order to keep the tradition and passion for the sport alive. If your junior golfer is interested in focusing on their craft, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or call us at (855) 378-8177.

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