What to Do About Gripping Your Club With Sweaty Hands by IJGA

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Sweaty hands during an important game is a golfer’s kryptonite. It could mean the difference between losses and wins during a golf tournament. As a professional, or soon-to-be professional, golfer sweaty hands are an inevitable concern that every golfer encounters despite their age or talent. It isn’t so much to do with being nervous (well, maybe a little) overall traveling, nerves, and golfing in highly humid areas like sunny Florida all contribute to sweaty hands. 

Not only are sweaty hands a significant nuisance, but an unsteady grip on your club could either cost the championship game or pose a safety hazard if the club were to slip from your grasp suddenly. If you are a golfer who suffers from sweaty hands, IJGA (International Junior Blog Academy) is here with some simple solutions to combat these issues. 


A standard microfiber or gym towel on deck is an effective way to combat the adverse effects of sweaty golfer hands. Due to the high volume of sweat most golfers experience from playing outside for extended hours, the IJGA team suggests multiple towels at hand for an ideal game. Multiple towels are essential for golfers to wipe their hands, face, club grips, and when that initial towel becomes too saturated to absorb any more liquid. 


Golfer’s utilize gloves for many reasons: to keep their hands clean and free of dirt, to stay warm during cold golfing seasons, and most importantly, to absorb excess hand sweat. Rain gloves are an optimal choice for long-lasting absorption and unrestricted grip. Not all gloves are ideal for sweat absorption. Many golfers claim that even a single pair of gloves can get excessively sweaty and affect a decent game. 

Likewise, to the towel solution, IJGA representatives recommend rotating between several sets of gloves (at least 2-3) if you are a golfer that sweats profusely. Multiple glove sets are optional and only necessary if you believe they will improve your game. 

Use A Dry Hands or Powder Product 

Many dry hands or powder-based products have talc or chalky properties designed to keep hands dry without a sticky residue feeling. Here at IJGA, we want all our golfers to do what works for them. If you are a player who plays better with a sticky grip to your club, grip enhancers will supply that feeling and keep hands moisture-free. 

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