The Benefits To Year Round Golf Boarding School With IJGA

girl in boarding school smiling at camera while in class

Boarding Schools Immerse your children into a world that challenges both academically and socially. Boarding institutions help nurture an environment dedicated to growth, leadership, and enhancing your skill set. Adolescents are better prepared to handle college pressures or thrive in an unfamiliar learning space, more likely to achieve success than their peers. In today’s blog by IJGA, we dive into the benefits of a year-round golf boarding school and why you should enroll your child today. 

Peer Learning

Students get a first-hand look at the diversity and social differences the world has to offer at a boarding school. Learning amongst peers from international backgrounds places your child in a positive and memorable environment that teaches them acceptance, personal development, and holistic learning both in and out of the classroom. Surrounding your child in a melting pot of culture broadens their outlook on life and the importance of equality.

Access to the Best Coches at IJGA

At IJGA, we understand that sending your child away from home is a hard thing to do. Our programs place your children directly in the hands of the top golf players in the world, allowing them to train and grow at an unparalleled professional level. Parents typically feel more comforted knowing their child is in an environment conducive to personal progression and maturation. 

Game Development 

Playing golf at a boarding school goes beyond the elementary level of learning. The IJGA team offers advanced golfing techniques and practices designed to rapidly mold young players into professionals, enhancing their physical and mental sporting aptitude. Coaches are more accessible to the students and better equipped to point out mistakes immediately or refine their movements for a better golfing experience. Hands-on coaching like this helps develop your child’s golfing abilities and offers a competitive edge over other golfers. 

Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes correlate to children’s academic success since smaller classes create an immediate environment amongst the teacher and their peers. Students can absorb information more efficiently in smaller class sizes and receive first-hand tutorials from their educators, making them more confident and likely to form a stronger bond with their teachers and build their network for the future. 

Consistent Growth and Understanding

Boarding schools provide opportunities for young golfers to discipline themselves and learn the skills of time management, positive work ethic, and aligning their vision and goals for future success. There is a sense of solidarity living in a dorm setting that allows children to come into their own and better understand themselves and their impact on the world. The IJGA team prides itself on character building to prepare your child for success at the university level. 

Increase in Social Fun and Activities 

IJGA creates a place for kids to have fun and engage in social activities designed to connect with their peers and build lifelong connections. Outside of school and golfing hours, children can network and learn from one another at our school-coordinated events and social gatherings. 

Learn From the Experts at IJGA

IJGA provides a unique experience for golfers at any stage in their game development. We have programs designed to meet the needs of young players from beginner to advanced pro player level with a 90 percent college placement rate upon graduating from our school. For more information about our programs and all the benefits IJGA offers, contact us online or call at 1-855-378-8177 for more details. 

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