Why IJGA Is The International Full Time Golf Academy of Choice

student holding golf caddy and club

As a competitive athlete, you want to immerse yourself in an environment that will nurture your crafts and untapped potential. The game of golf takes focus, hand-eye coordination, a healthy mental attitude, and a well-balanced lifestyle for success. At IJGA, we offer a place for students to improve their game and understand the importance of leadership and character development. 

IJGA is one of the top full-time global golfing academies,  and the only one dedicated to both golfing and academic excellence for its students. Through our college placement and high-level coaching, students are more equipped for their future success, and more likely to play at the professional level once they graduate. 

Today’s blog discusses why IJGA (The International Junior Golf Academy) is the number one golf academy of choice as a school that produces some of the top golfers within the American Junior Golf Association. 

Programs Designed to Improve Your Game 

At IJGA, we pride ourselves on being committed, determined, and faithful to the process. This motto spans not only our dedication to our students but also their academic achievements. As golfers, students are eligible to pick from an array of programs designed to polish their skills and take them to the next level. Pick your schedule and choose from our boarding schools, graduate programs, weekly sessions, or summer training camp. Our students range from junior player age 10 to senior player age 19. We offer English language learning courses for our international students through our summer camp programs that desire to improve their English. 

A 90 Percent College Placement Rate

IJGA is more than just a full-time golf academy; we foster academic excellence, placing our students in the top universities in the nation. In 2020 alone, we broke our college acceptance record from 90%, by establishing 100% of our students into undergraduate and graduate college programs. This year in 2021, we aim to do the same, increasing our graduation rate and the number of students accepted each year. 

IJGA is a Diverse and Cultural Brand

We have students from over 33 countries and 14 states attending our academy. These numbers demonstrate that IJGA is a distinctive brand that promotes diversity and cultural learning. Many of the students that attend leave home for the first time, and it is important to welcome them into a positive community similar to their hometown. 

Students understand the value of friendship and hard work as they learn to navigate their academic, golfing, and social lives into one uniform lifestyle. We teach them the techniques of integration, balance, and recreation in a holistic and structured environment. 

Students Learn and Live On Campus 

IJGA encourages independence, allowing students to maneuver the course of their lives under our guided supervision. We ensure our facility is safe and secure for students to be the best versions of themselves. Our academic housing prepares students to manage their work and social times, similar to living on a college campus and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Learning from their peers and coaches provides a positive and healthy environment that increases their success. 

Choose IJGA as Your Number of Golf Academy

Globally, IJGA is the top full-time golfing academy of choice. Students worldwide learn from professional coaches and graduate more prepared for their academic success and expert golfing endeavors. We offer numerous programs for youth, junior, and young adult learning. 

We integrate schooling, recreation, and character development under one academic space. If you or your child desire to enhance your golfing skills and learn from the world’s leading experts as a full-time golfing student, contact IJGA online or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more details on our programs and what we offer. 

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