Benefits To Attending An International Golf Academy, IJGA

IJGA is an international golf boarding school that offers college preparatory courses to gifted students seeking to begin their professional golf careers. In our unique and personally tailored program approach, our students are the focus of each teacher and golf instructor’s day. In today’s blog, IJGA will cover the benefits of attending an international golf boarding school. 

Studies Are Centered Around Golfing Times

Our curriculum is internationally accredited, which makes it an excellent choice for college preparation. What is even better is that our times for study are centered around our instructor courses and private practice hours. 

We take golfing seriously at this school, so students are taught early on to respect the discipline of the game and to manage time appropriately.

Personal Golf Focus

All students receive one-on-one instruction in developing their golfing style. Golf instructors teach students to approach their practice as a craft. 

Discipline is studied from day one, because discipline teaches success. The school year runs from August to May and is filled with studies using the latest technologies. 

International Influence

IJGA is present in countries around the world. Students travel internationally to study with us, just as our students are welcome to partnered boarding schools for world-wide tournaments. 

International Junior Golf Tournaments allow for our students to travel to the Faldo European, Grand Asian, and Race To Scotland competitions where they compete against students from around the world. Their studies go with them, so learning balance while also receiving cultural exposure are major benefits to studying with us.

Independent Focus-Driven Approach

Our students live, play, and study in a world full of distractions. This is why we ensure they have all of the resources they need. This includes mastering the art of a focus-driven approach to time management and learning. 

Practice is built into a routine and a discipline. Students are given this example through their instructors, teachers, and life aids while studying with us. 

IJGA Provides Optimal Opportunity

IJGA features a year-round golf boarding school and golf camps for aspiring professional junior golfers. We invest in the next generation of golfers in order to keep the tradition and passion for the sport alive. If your junior golfer is interested in focusing on their craft, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or call us at (855) 378-8177.

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