Ana Maria Jimenez Rios Wins Lady Moc Classic

Ana Maria Jiminez Rios of Tampa wins Lady Moc

IJGA alumni Ana Maria Jiminez Rios, now a sophomore at University of Tampa, won the LadyMoc Classic inter-collegiate, her fourth college title. Sixteen female college teams competedand, although Ana Maria led from the front, her team finished sixth. Rollins College, with IJGAalumni Carla Alvarez Perez, finished in fourth place. Congratulations Ana Maria! Ana Maria Jiminez […]

What Kind of Clothing Should You Wear During a Golf Tournament?

Spectators watching the game during HSBC Women's Champions at Sentosa Golf Club

There is an etiquette standard when it comes to the golf dress code.  Professional games like the PGA and LPGA have stringent rules to maintain a certain level of tradition and class. When planning your wardrobe for the next game, use these tips from IJGA or check with the field management or course. Standard Outfit […]

The Best Exercises for Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Close-up of golf ball getting swung at

Mastering the perfect golf swing requires combining skill, technique, and physical fitness.  Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a new enthusiast, incorporating the right exercises into your routine can significantly enhance your performance on the course. We’ll share the best exercises for refining your golf swing, focusing on key areas like flexibility, strength, and balance. […]

IJGA Stars Make History

IJGA Golfer Evan Pena

Two IJGA athletes had outstanding performances at the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship and the South American Amateur tournaments.  Evan Pena Wins the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship.  Fifteen-year-old Evan Pena, hailing from Puerto Rico, made history as the first home player to clinch victory at the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Championship.  He achieved this […]

Mental Performance: The Flow State

Bill Nelson is our Mental Performance Coach at IJGA and last Wednesday he was out teaching our Post-Graduate players. He has an extensive background training thousands of players and over 20 years of experience. He travels across the country to teach players how to be aware of their mental state and regulate it to improve […]

Evan Pena Recognized as Male Junior of the Year

Following the recent recognition of IJGA coach Julieta Granada by her home country of Paraguay for her lifetime athletic achievements, another member of the IJGA family has received honors. Evan Pena, a talented student, was honored by the Puerto Rico Golf Association as the Male Junior of the Year. Related Post: Sofia Essakali: Elite Junior […]

What’s the Difference Between Stroke Play and Match Play?

Golf instructor and student-athlete practice golf

Golf is a sport that demands precision, skill, and strategic thinking. As young golfers hone their abilities at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), they encounter two distinct formats: match play and stroke play. Each brings challenges and excitement to the game, shaping the golfers’ development. Understanding the Basics Before delving into the specifics of […]

IJGA Welcomes Golf Prodigy – Sofia Cherif Essakali

Elena Moosmann and Sofia Essakali visit IJGA

With every visit to the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), Moroccan golf prodigy Sofia Cherif Essakali makes more friends and feels more at home.  Sofia’s remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and genuine passion for the game have already set her apart. As she visits IJGA once again, we are excited to be part of her journey […]

Jerry Miao: College Signing Speech

Jerry Miao College Signing

Jerry Miao, a graduating senior committed to Macalester College, delivered a heartwarming speech at our first College Signing event of the year. Having dedicated the better part of his teenage years to IJGA, he cherishes the fond memories created during his time, and likewise, we hold a special place for him in our hearts.  Jerry […]

Gary Wise Habitudes: Self Identity

IJGA Coach Gary Wise gives a talk to student-athletes

Every Monday at IJGA, we host a Character Session. While we celebrate golf success, we also encourage developing character and supporting well-rounded student-athletes.  We teach junior golfers to learn to navigate challenges, handle wins and losses with grace, and emerge as champions not just on the leaderboard but in life.  For this week, students requested […]