Ana Maria Jimenez Rios Wins Lady Moc Classic

Ana Maria Jiminez Rios of Tampa wins Lady Moc

IJGA alumni Ana Maria Jiminez Rios, now a sophomore at University of Tampa, won the Lady
Moc Classic inter-collegiate, her fourth college title. Sixteen female college teams competed
and, although Ana Maria led from the front, her team finished sixth. Rollins College, with IJGA
alumni Carla Alvarez Perez, finished in fourth place. Congratulations Ana Maria!

Ana Maria Jiminez Rios, an alumna of International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), continues to make waves in the collegiate golf scene. 

As a sophomore at the University of Tampa, Ana Maria recently clinched her fourth college title at the Lady Moc Classic inter-collegiate tournament. 

Despite her stellar performance leading from the front, her team secured sixth place among sixteen competing female college teams. 

Another IJGA alumna, Carla Alvarez Perez, contributed to her team’s success as Rollins College finished fourth.

IJGA Alumna Success

Ana Maria Jiminez Rios has emerged as a rising star in collegiate golf. Her journey from IJGA to the University of Tampa showcases her dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the sport. 

How IJGA Can Help You Play College Golf

Our alums’s achievements underscore the significant role of attending a golf academy in shaping an athlete’s journey to collegiate golf.

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At IJGA, student-athletes receive comprehensive training, personalized coaching, and academic support, preparing them for the demands of collegiate competition. 

By honing their skills in world-class facilities and participating in competitive tournaments, students gain invaluable experience, boosting their chances of securing scholarships and admission to top collegiate programs.

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