Masters Spectacular Holes in One

Golfers posing by the hole after hole in one

Every year to celebrate the Masters, IJGA hosts a Par 3 competition on their challenging 18-hole Par 3 course, with holes from 105 yards to 145 yards protected by bunkers and lagoons. Sensationally, three of the twenty-five competitors got holes in one during our most recent event on a cool and windy afternoon. Here are […]

The Benefits To Year Round Golf Boarding School With IJGA

girl in boarding school smiling at camera while in class

Boarding Schools Immerse your children into a world that challenges both academically and socially. Boarding institutions help nurture an environment dedicated to growth, leadership, and enhancing your skill set. Adolescents are better prepared to handle college pressures or thrive in an unfamiliar learning space, more likely to achieve success than their peers. In today’s blog […]

Can the Friendships You Make Today Help Your Golf Career Later?

IJGA’s purpose is to foster your love of golf and academic excellence with the goal of preparing you for college. Our hope is that you also develop friendships that will last a lifetime, while helping your golf career in the process. In today’s blog from IJGA, we explain why this is important and how lifelong […]

10 Essential Items to Bring to Our Golf Boarding School

Golf boarding school is in full swing. You’re getting into a routine, training to improve your game, and getting to know your instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses 10 essential items to bring to our golf boarding school. 1. Comfortable Hat Bring a comfortable hat that covers your face for sun protection. If you have […]

Five Benefits of Attending a Golf Boarding School

2020 Graduates Golf Boarding School IJGA

There are many ways that attending an excellent golf boarding school like IJGA can help you become a better golfer as well as a better person. In today’s blog, we discuss five benefits of attending our golf boarding school here in Central Florida. 1. Socialization Everyone at IJGA’s golf boarding school has a passion for […]

Four Reasons to Attend a Golf Boarding School

Junior Golf Boarding School IJGA Reasons to Attend

Golf boarding school is exciting, fun, and challenging. You get to be around people who have a passion for golf, and you can perfect your game while getting a world-class golf experience. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four reasons to attend our golf boarding school. 1. Top-Notch Instructors Our instructors come from many different backgrounds. […]

Balancing School, Sports and Life

Four IJGA student-athletes in blue polos walk together on the golf course holding their bags

When it comes to balancing school and life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Add playing golf or any sport on a regular basis to the mix, and things get even more complicated. Balancing all of these takes practice, commitment and hard work. With the confidence of the people you surround yourself […]