Four Reasons to Attend a Golf Boarding School

Junior Golf Boarding School IJGA Reasons to Attend

Golf boarding school is exciting, fun, and challenging. You get to be around people who have a passion for golf, and you can perfect your game while getting a world-class golf experience. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four reasons to attend our golf boarding school.

1. Top-Notch Instructors

Our instructors come from many different backgrounds. All of them are seasoned professionals who have years of experience on the golf course, competing professionally and teaching others how to improve their game. We hire only the best instructors at IJGA’s golf boarding school.

2. Practice Facilities

The practice facilities at IJGA are found nowhere else. We have wind machines to alter weather conditions. USGA-regulation greens and fairways, bunkers, and oak trees dot the landscape.  Four tee areas and seven greens spread out along the course. We have a workout facility to keep you in shape during your stay at IJGA’s golf boarding school.

3. High-Tech Analytics

Modern technology helps you analyze your swing and putting techniques. Instructors set up the equipment, show you the results, and then help you improve. The overall goal is to make you a better player and lower your score while moving towards a college scholarship. We’ll use Trackman, V-1 video, SAM Puttlab, and more to help identify areas of improvement.

4. Academics

Junior golf students need a well-rounded education. While golf is the focus of our golf boarding school, IJGA makes sure our pupils excel at academics. Weekends are for competitive tournaments. Weekdays are for learning about golf, English, math, science, and more. Graduating from our golf boarding school is the same as graduating from a private high school, and we prep you for a D-1 college scholarship after graduation.

Golf Boarding School at IJGA

IJGA’s golf boarding school offers a first-class education and an opportunity to head to college on a golf scholarship. If you’re willing to work hard and practice, you can become an elite golfer! Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more information.

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