Five Benefits of Attending a Golf Boarding School

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There are many ways that attending an excellent golf boarding school like IJGA can help you become a better golfer as well as a better person. In today’s blog, we discuss five benefits of attending our golf boarding school here in Central Florida.

1. Socialization

Everyone at IJGA’s golf boarding school has a passion for their sport. You can share in that passion with dozens of your peers while developing friendships and connections that last a lifetime. You’ll also work with world-class instructors who care about your success and get to know as a person. You’ll have an opportunity to maintain relationships with your coaches and instructors after you graduate and move into the professional world.

2. Mental Preparation

Golf is a mental game. We prepare you for the psychological aspects of golf, including strategic planning for a tournament, how to shrug off bad shots, and handling less-than-ideal conditions on the course. Our instructors teach you how to stay calm, alert, and focused in tough conditions. 

3. Fun

Golf should be fun. And winning at golf is even more fun because it rewards you for your hard work and practice. Playing golf with your peers and friends makes your connection and love of the sport even stronger. 

4. Physical Fitness

IJGA’s golf boarding school adopts a regular physical fitness regimen to maintain your playing shape for tournaments and practice. Our dedicated fitness center goes through various workout techniques for your upper and lower body, as well as developing stamina that helps you play well throughout an entire 18-hole course. Workout machines, pilates balls, yoga, weights, and ropes all tone your muscles to put you in prime shape.

5. College Prep

The ultimate goal of our golf boarding school is to prepare you for a D-1 college scholarship for athletics. We’ll also make sure you can handle the academic workload of college, too. In fact, many of our summer camp instructors are college coaches. Want to get noticed by colleges? Consider attending our summer camp as well as our full-time boarding school.

Golf Boarding School at IJGA

IJGA is the premier golf boarding school in the United States. We cater to junior golfers ages 10 to 19 from all over the world. Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more information. 

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