Can the Friendships You Make Today Help Your Golf Career Later?

IJGA’s purpose is to foster your love of golf and academic excellence with the goal of preparing you for college. Our hope is that you also develop friendships that will last a lifetime, while helping your golf career in the process. In today’s blog from IJGA, we explain why this is important and how lifelong friendships can set you apart from the rest. 

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Similar Passions & Interests

You came to IJGA because of your passion for golf. So did your classmates. The friendships you make today and carry through tomorrow will be founded in this passion. The career choices you and your classmates make in the coming years can build bridges and act as support beams as you progress at school, in tournaments, through college, and into the pros. 

The Past & Present 

Oprah and Gayle. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. These four know why lifelong friendships are important. They understand that regardless of where they are in their lives, there’s always that someone they can call. They ground each other while lifting each other up. This comes from knowing who someone was then and what they are now. The classmates you meet today will always be a bond because of the experiences you share with them at IJGA. No one can take those away or replace them.  


For many, commitment can be difficult no matter what form it comes in. But what commitment means is that you have the drive and determination to see a situation through to the end. That’s what college and a career are about. 

A lifelong friendship is no different. It takes a level of commitment to keep in touch, to make an effort to see each other, or even remember a birthday. The better you are at commitment, the more successful you will be in your golfing career and beyond. When you have friends with you along the way who understand the sacrifices and determination it takes to become a better golfer and a better person, you have someone who understands you and relates to you at levels no one else can.

The Junior Golf Academy Experience at IJGA

IJGA’s academy experience offers a world-class high school education to prepare you for college. We also hope you make several lifelong friendships along the way. Contact IJGA online or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more details on our programs and what we offer. 

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