What Kind of Clothing Should You Wear During a Golf Tournament?

Spectators watching the game during HSBC Women's Champions at Sentosa Golf Club

There is an etiquette standard when it comes to the golf dress code.  Professional games like the PGA and LPGA have stringent rules to maintain a certain level of tradition and class. When planning your wardrobe for the next game, use these tips from IJGA or check with the field management or course. Standard Outfit […]

What’s the Difference Between Stroke Play and Match Play?

Golf instructor and student-athlete practice golf

Golf is a sport that demands precision, skill, and strategic thinking. As young golfers hone their abilities at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), they encounter two distinct formats: match play and stroke play. Each brings challenges and excitement to the game, shaping the golfers’ development. Understanding the Basics Before delving into the specifics of […]

How to Build a Better Junior Golf Resume

Close-up photo of student typing, creating their junior golf resume

A junior golf resume is a crucial document in the recruiting process, much like your professional resume when applying for a job.  Building a junior golf resume is a necessity for aspiring young golfers. It’s a comprehensive record of a player’s accomplishments, experiences, and progress. It provides a tangible representation of their dedication and skill […]

Jerry Miao: College Signing Speech

Jerry Miao College Signing

Jerry Miao, a graduating senior committed to Macalester College, delivered a heartwarming speech at our first College Signing event of the year. Having dedicated the better part of his teenage years to IJGA, he cherishes the fond memories created during his time, and likewise, we hold a special place for him in our hearts.  Jerry […]

Gary Wise Habitudes: Self Identity

IJGA Coach Gary Wise gives a talk to student-athletes

Every Monday at IJGA, we host a Character Session. While we celebrate golf success, we also encourage developing character and supporting well-rounded student-athletes.  We teach junior golfers to learn to navigate challenges, handle wins and losses with grace, and emerge as champions not just on the leaderboard but in life.  For this week, students requested […]

Alumni Spotlight: Filip Jakubcik

IJGA Alumni, Filip Jakubcik

We are thrilled to share the success of our alumni as they continue to shine in college. Filip Jakubcik’s dedication and hard work on the golf course translate into impressive achievements in the classroom and beyond. In 2018, Filip came to IJGA from Holesov, Czech Republic, and graduated in May 2022.  Filip, now a sophomore […]

IJGA Welcomes Korean Team

IJGA Welcomes Korean Team

IJGA is pleased to welcome renowned Korean golf coach Won Ho Kim and his students to their Bishops Gate golf facilities for an extended winter break.   Coach Kim will bring 8 to 10 students, arriving December 20th before Christmas and staying through until mid-February 2024.  They will receive intensive golf instruction from Coach Kim and […]

Why Attend a Full-Time Golf Academy in Florida?

Two IJGA golfers smile in a golf cart.

For individuals who aspire to take their golfing skills to the highest level, attending a full-time golf academy is a commitment to reaching one’s full potential. To play at the collegiate or even professional level, student-athletes must invest in their training and education. IJGA shares why enrolling in a full-time Florida golf academy is the […]

Paloma Ibarra Makes Waves Reaching Saltillo

Paloma Ibarra at IJGA

A new student at IJGA is already making waves.  Paloma Ibarra, a 15-year-old from Saltillo, Mexico, confidently excels through all obstacles. Last weekend in The Legends Open in Clermont, FL, she shot a stellar nine under, winning by 15 points!  With some good work the week before with mental performance consultant Bill Nelson, whom Allison […]

Ayana Hiranaka: A Chance to Learn in the U.S.

Ayana Hiranaka and an IJGA student smile together

Ayana Hiranaka, a promising junior golfer from Okinawa, Japan, recently departed after four weeks with us at IJGA.  Ayana’s golfing story started five years ago when she accompanied her father to the golf range. This visit changed her trajectory. She switched from swimming to golf, loving the sport’s constant challenge and diverse playing environments.  Ayana […]