Why Attend a Full-Time Golf Academy in Florida?

Two IJGA golfers smile in a golf cart.

For individuals who aspire to take their golfing skills to the highest level, attending a full-time golf academy is a commitment to reaching one’s full potential. To play at the collegiate or even professional level, student-athletes must invest in their training and education.

IJGA shares why enrolling in a full-time Florida golf academy is the perfect step toward unlocking your golfing potential.

World-Class Instruction

Access to world-class instruction is one of the most important reasons to attend a full-time golf academy. IJGA coaches have experience from playing on professional tours to competing in the Olympics. They’re an excellent resource for sharing their expertise. 

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Attending the full-time academy means access to experienced coaches dedicated to helping you play at your highest level. Their tailored instruction and feedback help refine your skills and unlock your potential.

The team at IJGA understands each golfer is unique, and they provide personalized training programs to suit your specific needs and goals. 

Whether you need to work on your swing, short game, course management, or mental fortitude, we’ll develop a plan that addresses your weaknesses and amplifies your strengths.

A Peer Support Group 

IJGA offers an immersive learning environment. Student-athletes are surrounded by others who see golf as not just a hobby but a way of life. 

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Surrounded by fellow golf enthusiasts 24/7, you’ll immerse yourself in a culture of dedication and continuous improvement. These connections with coaches, professionals, and fellow students can open doors to various opportunities, including sponsorships and professional affiliations.


IJGA offers students priority access to a meticulously maintained golf course with comprehensive practice areas, driving ranges, and USGA-quality putting greens. 

Access to these top-notch facilities is vital for refining your skills and getting accustomed to high-quality equipment.


Students at IJGA live in single houses accommodating six students or double houses accommodating twelve students. Rather than cramped dorm-style housing, athletes have access to the entire home. 

We encourage a mix of ages in each house, ranging from 9th to 12th grade, with the older students acting as “older brothers or sisters” to the younger students. The success of this approach is evident in the number of college students who return to visit their “IJGA siblings” during breaks.

Year-Round Competitive Exposure

Florida is a hub for professional golf, hosting tournaments throughout the year thanks to Florida’s warm weather every month of the year. Enrolling in a full-time golf academy in the state can provide easy access to these events, allowing you to witness professional golf up close and personal.

Competition is a vital aspect of any golfer’s development. The coaching team at IJGA helps golfers choose tournaments that allow them to compete against talented individuals from various backgrounds. This exposure to diverse playing styles enables them to sharpen their competitive edge and elevate their game.

Become a Well-Rounded Athlete

Success in golf isn’t solely about physical skills. IJGA focuses on your holistic development, which includes fitness training, mental coaching, and nutrition guidance.  Becoming a well-rounded athlete is essential for consistent peak performance.

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Attending a full-time golf academy can foster personal growth. The discipline, perseverance, and work ethic you develop while pursuing your golfing dreams will serve you well in all aspects of life.

Academic Support

Balancing academics and golfing aspirations can be challenging. IJGA offers academic support to help you maintain your studies and golf training.

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Attending our full-time academy can significantly boost your chances of securing a college golf scholarship. Our team has well-established connections with college coaches and guides you through the college recruitment process, providing opportunities for both golfing and academic advancement.

Year-Round Training

Florida’s climate offers a significant advantage to golfers, allowing for year-round training. With mild winters and abundant sunshine, you can practice and play golf consistently, gaining a considerable edge over golfers from regions with more challenging weather conditions.

Unforgettable Experiences at IJGA 

Attending the International Junior Golf Academy is a life-changing experience. It’s an opportunity to follow your passion, meet inspiring people, and create lifelong memories. Contact our team at (855) 378-8177, info@ijga.com, or request information online.

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