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World Class Instruction

IJGA’s team of instructors boast numerous renowned certifications and bring decades of collective experience to the IJGA’s golf training programs. Our coaches have trained players from growing juniors to successful PGA and LPGA players on Tour. Get to know our coaches here.

Specialized Programming

We know that no one program is ideal for every junior. With that said, we offer programs to suit all students. Whether you would like the daily golf training of our Full Time Program or would like to start with smaller doses of training offered in our Summer Programs, we have something for you.

Utilize Cutting Edge Technology Daily

We use technology including a High Definition Golf Simulator, swing analysis software and 3D Golf BioDynamics to get detailed insight to each junior’s swing. Results are then implemented in personalized instruction.

Ideal Environment

Located in Hilton Head Island, S.C., IJGA offers a picturesque and safe environment. With dozens of courses in the area, there is no shortage of opportunities to play golf. Free time is also well spent at the area’s beaches, shopping outlets and nearby theme parks.

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IJGA students win big!

A major component of the IJGA is tournament competition. On the road to improvement, students participate in local, national and international events throughout the year, competing against the world’s finest junior golfers. We have student results for you here!

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Alumni Tracker

LIFE AFTER IJGA: We track our IJGA alumni after they graduate. With students playing in college and professional events, we follow along with pride! #IJGA

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Stuart Morgan, a Mid Wales native, is the IJGA’s Director of Instruction. A full-time development coach since 2001, Morgan specializes in talent identification and player development. His player development philosophies redefines overall athletic training and incorporates a focus on and understanding of each individual golfer’s unique needs.

Alex Puchales

Puchales’ students have won in nationally recognized events including the State Junior Championships. His students have also qualified and played in USGA Junior Championships and have continued on to win collegiate tournaments of different levels. His philosophy to succeed in junior golf is to for his students to surround themselves with a good support team, write their goals, and do whatever is necessary to achieve those goals.

Dwight Nevile

During his tenure as a golfer, he has played internationally on the Asian Tour in 1970 and a few events in Mexico. Nevil competed on the PGA Tour for eight years and had two wins including the Magnolia Classic in 1973. Nevil joined IJGA in 2012 and believes the only way to succeed in junior golf is through hard work and believing in yourself, “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

Sue Lee

Sue competed extensively in national and international tournaments alongside players such as Christina Kim and Aree Song before she turned pro in 2005. She completed her first teaching certification in 1997, and is currently a member of LPGA T&CP. Sue completed a dissertation at Rutgers University on the mathematical analysis of golf mechanics.  Her focus and dedication to junior golf eventually led her to join the IJGA in 2014.

Jon Hall

Hall attended the Golf Academy of America in San Diego where he graduated in 2001 with various certifications. Hall joined IJGA in 2007 after working as a golf professional for the Plantation Club at Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Island. He has taught players of all levels from beginners to Division 1 scholarship players such as Stephanie Meadow.

Dick Wedzik

Wedzik has been golfing for 48 years and after earning his Class A membership in the PGA competed in section PGA events and the PGA Winter Tour.  In 2002 he qualified and played in the USGA Senior US Open. He has been coaching for 32 years including four years in Mexico, and time with a student in Moscow, Russia. Wedzik has been titled the Tri-State PGA Professional of the Year, Western New York Apprentice Player of the Year, and West Virginia PGA Player of the Year.

Dawayne Penberthy

Penberthy graduated from the Professional Golfers Career College and has been teaching for three years. He came to IJGA in 2014 highly recommended by Pinecrest Golf Club where he was employed in Golf Operations. Now, Penberthy oversees much of the golf operations of the academy and works with the entire coaching staff as well as all of the students.

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