Ana Maria Jimenez Rios Wins Lady Moc Classic

Ana Maria Jiminez Rios of Tampa wins Lady Moc

IJGA alumni Ana Maria Jiminez Rios, now a sophomore at University of Tampa, won the LadyMoc Classic inter-collegiate, her fourth college title. Sixteen female college teams competedand, although Ana Maria led from the front, her team finished sixth. Rollins College, with IJGAalumni Carla Alvarez Perez, finished in fourth place. Congratulations Ana Maria! Ana Maria Jiminez […]

Jerry Miao: College Signing Speech

Jerry Miao College Signing

Jerry Miao, a graduating senior committed to Macalester College, delivered a heartwarming speech at our first College Signing event of the year. Having dedicated the better part of his teenage years to IJGA, he cherishes the fond memories created during his time, and likewise, we hold a special place for him in our hearts.  Jerry […]

Paloma Ibarra Makes Waves Reaching Saltillo

Paloma Ibarra at IJGA

A new student at IJGA is already making waves.  Paloma Ibarra, a 15-year-old from Saltillo, Mexico, confidently excels through all obstacles. Last weekend in The Legends Open in Clermont, FL, she shot a stellar nine under, winning by 15 points!  With some good work the week before with mental performance consultant Bill Nelson, whom Allison […]

Montverde Academy Girls’ Golf Highlights

Montverde Academy team 2023

We will provide updates as the Montverde Eagles Girl’s team works their way through the season. Inaugural Knights Invitational: A Resounding Victory Victoria Renzi led the team with a stellar 68 (-4), securing the top spot among 20 golfers. Michelle Jing Su, Romina Salazar, and Gurbanie Star also contributed to the team, who beat the […]

Chanelle Mwangi & Taishi Shigaki Win Putting Competition


Chanelle Mwangi, IJGA’s new star student from Kenya, and veteran student Taishi Shigaki partnered together to win the opening season Putting Competition. The team of two conquered the opening season putting competition from a field of forty-eight students. Related Post: Golf Boarding School Versus Regular Boarding School Together, our new and veteran students opened the […]

The Benefits To Year Round Golf Boarding School With IJGA

girl in boarding school smiling at camera while in class

Boarding Schools Immerse your children into a world that challenges both academically and socially. Boarding institutions help nurture an environment dedicated to growth, leadership, and enhancing your skill set. Adolescents are better prepared to handle college pressures or thrive in an unfamiliar learning space, more likely to achieve success than their peers. In today’s blog […]

10 Essential Items to Bring to Our Golf Boarding School

Golf boarding school is in full swing. You’re getting into a routine, training to improve your game, and getting to know your instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses 10 essential items to bring to our golf boarding school. 1. Comfortable Hat Bring a comfortable hat that covers your face for sun protection. If you have […]

Five Benefits of Attending a Golf Boarding School

2020 Graduates Golf Boarding School IJGA

There are many ways that attending an excellent golf boarding school like IJGA can help you become a better golfer as well as a better person. In today’s blog, we discuss five benefits of attending our golf boarding school here in Central Florida. 1. Socialization Everyone at IJGA’s golf boarding school has a passion for […]

Four Reasons to Attend a Golf Boarding School

Junior Golf Boarding School IJGA Reasons to Attend

Golf boarding school is exciting, fun, and challenging. You get to be around people who have a passion for golf, and you can perfect your game while getting a world-class golf experience. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four reasons to attend our golf boarding school. 1. Top-Notch Instructors Our instructors come from many different backgrounds. […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Sports Academy.

Group of IJGA golfers smile and walk together on the golf course

Choosing a sports academy is a huge decision for you and your child. Before enrolling, you must consider student support, academics, and training programs. What would your child’s boarding school life look like if you could wave a magic wand? What are your priorities for your child? What are their priorities?  We’ve raised some questions […]