Developing Your Mental Golf Game

A junior IJGA golfer and coach stand together on the course while the golfer prepares to swing

When looking to improve their golf game, people tend to focus on their technical skills and physical fitness. However, to play successfully, student-athletes need to also develop their mental toughness. 

At IJGA Bishops Gate, our coaching team emphasizes building each player’s mental skills. This looks like creating clear process goals, learning to focus on things in their control, and developing on-course skills to promote perseverance. 

Read on to learn how you can improve your mental golf game. 

Developing Goals 

It’s nearly impossible to succeed in golf without knowing precisely what you want to accomplish and developing a clear plan to get you there. Keeping a list of goals in mind throughout your development as a golfer is necessary to take you to the next level. 

Our coaches create a customized training program for each student to help IJGA athletes set goals and determine the right path. Once golfers know what they want to achieve, they can begin training physically, emotionally, and technically with a clear-cut plan and practical approach. 

The majority of our golfers aspire to play at the collegiate level and on the professional level. With a clear plan, your dreams can be made a reality. 

Focus on What’s in Your Control 

Every golfer has had days where they’ve left the course feeling frustrated. On days when nothing goes right, you must focus on what you can control. 

After a bad shot or many bad shots, the best golfers don’t dwell on it. While it’s important to take constructive criticism and consistently seek to improve your game, let the past be the past! Getting in your head creates self-doubt and low confidence over time. Accept the past and get excited about the present when you’re on the course. 

It’s easier said than done to get over a bad round, but when you have a support system, the process is more manageable. At IJGA Bishops Gate, we use peer groups to offer support to junior golfers. A group of student-athletes working together allows them to provide each other with support and encouragement.

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Developing Perseverance 

Consistency is vital when pursuing your goals on the golf course. Practicing often, eating well, and regular training all build perseverance. 

Perseverance on and off the course helps to build mental toughness in student-golfers. Being tough mentally helps push athletes through a performance’s highs and lows. 

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An experienced team of coaches who know the game well provides the necessary tools and experiences for IJGA athletes to build their mental toughness. Through planned tournament strategy, challenging golfers at practice, and encouraging mental and emotional regulation, our coaches have helped hundreds of athletes develop into outstanding golfers. 

Our Coaches Are Here to Help 

With over 100 years of aggregate experience across various areas, IJGA’s team is qualified to coach junior golfers mentally and physically. 

If you’re interested in joining the strongest team in junior golf, contact our team at 855-378-8177 or plan a visit!

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