Five Huge Benefits of IJGA Junior Golf Summer Camp

Junior Golf Summer Camp IJGA

It’s time to start thinking about summer camp and where you’ll go this year. If you or your child loves golf, consider a junior golf summer camp from International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) at Bishops Gate in Orlando, Florida. We pride ourselves on world-class facilities and top instructors. Today’s blog from IJGA discusses five huge benefits of attending an IJGA junior golf summer camp.


There is an instructional element to junior golf summer camp at IJGA, but we design it to be fun. We want you to enjoy golf, develop a lifelong love for the game, and smile when you see your ball roll into the cup. Golf is an individual sport, but the pros at IJGA put you in touch with instructors, peers, and professionals who love teaching golf. Enjoying golf is as much about bonding with the people in your group as your ability to play.


IJGA’s facilities at Bishops Gate are specifically designed for a junior golf summer golf camp. We have 11 holes over 65 acres that cater to different distances and skill levels. No one can match our 15-acre practice range. Not only do campers come here to practice, but so do college players and touring professionals. 

Improve balance, concentration, confidence, flexibility, and strength. Learn the fundamentals of golf, swing mechanics, and course management. You’ll get to analyze your swing with the latest technology, including Trackman, V-1 video, SAM Puttlab, and more. You get to improve your game and share your accomplishments with your peers.


Our instructors come from professional ranks and elite college programs in the United States. Campers get to know these coaches one-on-one and understand what it takes to compete on the collegiate level. We help foster an interest in playing golf after high school. Junior golf summer camps begin the informal college placement process.


IJGA has one of the biggest golf academies in the United States. You’ll learn proper technical and mental techniques to excel on an 18-hole course. Most importantly, you get to connect with people who have similar interests in the sport you love during junior golf summer camp.

Strong Peer Group

Learning doesn’t stop after junior golf summer camp. Many campers maintain connections and friendships for many years afterward. Golfers might call up a camp instructor and ask for a tip about a unique situation on the golf course. Former campers may meet up again in college at a tournament or even on the same team.

Junior Golf Summer Camp at IJGA

Choose from a core program for golfers at any skill level, or an elite program for higher-level players. Attend for a week, two weeks, six weeks, or as long as you like. Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more information.

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