Upping the Ante: BGGA’s 2nd Annual Fitness Challenge

By Karen Harrison, BGGA Director of Health and Athletic Development This last semester saw BGGA students competing in the 2nd Annual Fitness Challenge, an initiative developed by Performance Coaches Karen Harrison and Justin Smith.  The goal – to bring out the competitivness in BGGA student athletes and reward effort, attitude, discipline, team work as well…

Off Season Golf Performance Training

Golf has an off season just like every other sport, and it’s a great time to build strength and flexibility leading into the upcoming season. In the video below, our Director of Performance Training, Shawn Mehring, takes us through some exercises that will serve as a great foundation for your off season training.   https://hub.coffee%2Fijga2019/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Shawn-Blog-Off-Season-Training-.mp4

Developing a Plan to Optimize Performance in the Gym

The goal for any athlete is to find a way to become faster, stronger and more efficient in their area of practice. For most, it takes a life-time to achieve. At IJGA, students go through a full academic year of periodization both on the course and in the gym. Unlike most team and individual sports,…

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