How to Gain a Competitive Edge at IJGA’s Winter Golf Camp

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

IJGA’s golf winter camp allows you to practice at the same facility as our Academy students. Because the weather is always warm in Florida, even during winter, we keep our facility open for students year-round so they can keep their golf game fresh. Today’s blog from IJGA explains how to gain a competitive edge at […]

IJGA Owner and CEO Andrew Summers Featured on Hilton Head Monthly Magazine

Published by Hilton Head Monthly, January 2020 Andrew Summers The Golf Entrepreneur BY MARCO FREY PHOTO BY LLOYD WAINSCOTT For Andrew Summers, life is about the long game. During a Thanksgiving round of golf with students from International Junior Golf Academy, he described his swing as “lousy. And yet I probably scored better than all […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Golf Nutrition

IJGA student athletes eating in the dining hall around a shared table

By IJGA Strength + Conditioning Coach Shawn Mehring With the ever-changing competitiveness in the sport of golf, an athlete must have the right nutritional foundation in order to achieve optimal performance. An athlete must know what type of nutrients they need to consume before, during, and after training, practice or competition. Listening to your coaches […]

Balancing School, Sports and Life

Four IJGA student-athletes in blue polos walk together on the golf course holding their bags

When it comes to balancing school and life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Add playing golf or any sport on a regular basis to the mix, and things get even more complicated. Balancing all of these takes practice, commitment and hard work. With the confidence of the people you surround yourself […]

How to Improve Your Short Game – Part 2

In the second part of our blog series, we continue to focus on improving your short game. Knowing how to improve your short game is really about knowing how to fine-tune your planning, shots, and the details of how you swing your club. Remember that, no matter how great your drive is, it is the […]

How to Improve Your Short Game – Part 1

In order to improve your short game, obviously you first have to understand the difference between a short game and a long game in golf. This is one of the most basic elements that is addressed in golf training programs, because the techniques involved in either one differ greatly from the other. Understanding the difference […]