College Admissions Secrets

Students celebrate college acceptance

Every day, we spend hours with teens applying to university. Students often share how their self-esteem depends on whether an institution deems them good enough. Students view college acceptance as the ultimate validation of their ability level, potential, work ethic, and societal acceptance.  Related Post: How to Get a College Golf Scholarship One of the […]

What to Do About Gripping Your Club With Sweaty Hands by IJGA

male golfer learning to swing and grip

Sweaty hands during an important game is a golfer’s kryptonite. It could mean the difference between losses and wins during a golf tournament. As a professional, or soon-to-be professional, golfer sweaty hands are an inevitable concern that every golfer encounters despite their age or talent. It isn’t so much to do with being nervous (well, […]

How to Improve Your Short Game – Part 2

In the second part of our blog series, we continue to focus on improving your short game. Knowing how to improve your short game is really about knowing how to fine-tune your planning, shots, and the details of how you swing your club. Remember that, no matter how great your drive is, it is the […]