First Aid Issues You May Encounter During a Round by IJGA

For many individuals golfing is a low-impact, non-contact sport. However, daily repetitive motions like swinging a golf club without the proper instruction or form places you at risk of contracting acute or chronic injuries for future games. The IJGA academy training team believes injury prevention is just as important as physical form, especially as a […]

Nutrition for a Better Golf Game

Healthy Snacks for the Golf Course

You can practice and have all the skills you need to be a top contender in a golf tournament. But if your nutrition intake isn’t where it needs to be, full of sugars, carbs and processed foods, you’re going to find yourself crashing on the course. In today’s blog from IJGA, we’re going to give […]

The Most Important Piece of Equipment in the Gym

IJGA coach addresses the camera in the gym

What is the most important piece of equipment in the gym? Find out from IJGA Director of Strength and Conditioning Shawn Mehring. Build power, increase stamina & coordination and have fun working out. Watch the video!

Do’s and Don’ts of Golf Nutrition

IJGA student athletes eating in the dining hall around a shared table

By IJGA Strength + Conditioning Coach Shawn Mehring With the ever-changing competitiveness in the sport of golf, an athlete must have the right nutritional foundation in order to achieve optimal performance. An athlete must know what type of nutrients they need to consume before, during, and after training, practice or competition. Listening to your coaches […]

Gym Exercises to Gain More Lower Body Power

IJGA Coach Shawn Mehring demonstrates gym exercises to gain more lower body power.

IJGA Director of Strength & Conditioning Shawn Mehring gives exercise tips to do in the gym to gain more lower body power. It’s called the Rear Foot Elevated Single Leg Squat. Watch the video!

2018 Assessments and Blueprinting

Close up image of golf balls sitting on turf

Assessments and Blueprinting It is so exciting to enter the new semester here at IJGA. As you may know, our individual coaching program is guided by gathering facts on each player and creating a fact-based road map of improvement. At the start of the first semester we conducted a week long Assessments and Blueprinting study. […]

IJGA’s new Performance Center developing quickly

Performance Center Views

The International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) has begun an ambitious program to upgrade and expand its teaching facilities. One of the first moves in this campaign is the creation of a new Performance Center at the Old Carolina campus. Construction is well under way with the exterior being mostly completed and interior fitting in progress. […]

How to Improve Your Long Game (Part 2)

improve your game

The second part of the series “How to Improve Your Long Game” focuses on the details of how you can put more focus on the ball and end up where you need to be on the green. Focused practice is a key element of improving your long game, and it goes far beyond putting more […]

How to Improve Your Long Game (Part 1)

golf training program

As a whole, there are two general categories that every golf training program focuses on. They are the long game and the short game. Golfers with natural skill usually excel at one or the other, but often not both. There is no question that it is a good idea to invest time honing already existing […]