Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners

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Golf is an excellent sport for young children. Golf teaches life skills that allow players to grow mentally and physically. If you are interested in learning golf or just starting, This guide outlines the top golf tips for beginners. The International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) offers golf lessons for different ages. Read more to learn about our programs

Use the Right Equipment for Your Skill Level 

Golf is a challenging sport without the right equipment. As a beginner, you will need clubs, golf balls, an iron set, a sand wedge, a putter, and a driver to play. The first golf tip for beginners is using the appropriate equipment based on your skill level. 

Beginners should start by playing with lighter clubs. Light clubs will help you keep a firm grip to align your swings. As you build your skill level, the more advanced equipment will come.

Stay Consistent 

Consistency is significant for golfers. It’s the most important part of the game and separates the best players from amateurs. Students should maintain the proper stance for Consistent ball strikes. For example, swinging with your elbows apart is an improper form and will drive your ball too far or too low. 

One golf trick for a proper stance is using a fitness band or light ball. As you swing, aim to keep the object placed between your forearms the entire time. This will help maintain your swing consistency. 

Becoming a professional golfer means mastering the basics. A few key points to remember include: 

  1. Keep your weight over your feet.
  2. Keep your right hand on the club at all times.
  3. Swing smoothly back and through. 

Learn the Basics

A good golf tip for beginners is to focus on the principles. 

The first place to start is with your setup. Get your stance and posture right, position your ball correctly, and keep a proper grip on your club. 

At IJGA, students learn the fundamentals of the game from a professional instructor. If you want to learn more about the academy, look into our summer golf camps to discover if golf is right for you.  

4. Important Golf Tips for Beginners Include Driving Your Knee Towards the Target 

Driving your knee towards the target means, as you downswing, extending your knee in the swing direction. For example, If you are swinging your club to the left, extend your left knee out as you downswing. Follow the steps below to perfect this move:  

  1. Stand with your feet planted and shift your weight onto both feet before your downswing.
  2. Raise your club behind your head in the backswing position.
  3. As you bring your club down to swing, point your knee towards the target. You will feel a slight bend in your stance when you turn your body.   

This golf tip will help you consistently hit long-distance targets. 

5. Perfect Your Tempo

Tempo is the ratio of your backswing time to your downswing. The most successful golfers of all time have a similar tempo for their backswings. A 2 to 1 tempo means your backswing is two times as long as your downswing. Many golfers have a 3 to 1 tempo for long effective ranges. 

Perfecting your tempo as soon as possible impacts your game. Learn more about tempo to master your swing, stance, consistency, and more.  

6. Find the Right Height for Your Ball Tee

The ball tee height affects distance and accuracy when striking the ball. If the ball tee is too low, it will go short. Teeing the ball too high will drive it too long. For the 6th golf tip for beginners, we will focus on finding the sweet spot.  

The sweet spot for your ball tee is based entirely on your goals as a golfer. Some golfers have better consistency swinging low than aiming high. 

It’s about the accuracy and which tee position will give you the most accuracy for your game. An IJGA coach will help determine the best height for your accuracy goals.

7. Golf Drills for the Ideal Setup

A proper setup can reduce stress and tension on your body as you swing. Golf drills improve your setup position, and they are perfect for both beginners and professionals. Some golf drill exercises include: 

  • Ball Striking: Ball striking teaches you how to hit the ball in the same place consistently. Some golfers place a marker in the middle of the club to see their strikes. 
  • Balance Drill: This drill is essential for weight distribution, posture, and stance. Set yourself up to the golf ball and then have a friend lightly push you in various directions (front, back, side-to-side). If you lose balance, you may have too much weight on a specific body part.
  • Slice-Fix: The slice-fix drill helps you understand the path of your swings. Place a swimming noodle behind the ball tee and start swinging the club following the semicircular direction of the noodle. This drill will help control direct hits. 

8. Develop a Golf Shot Routine 

Developing the perfect routine allows you to set your goals and work to achieve them. You will have the right clubs, the ideal stance, and a clear mind for your games. The more you practice your setup routine, the better you’ll do on the golf course. 

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9. Think About Hip Placement

Rotating your body correctly during a swing is essential to a perfect hit. 

How do we do this? With our hips, of course! If you’re a long hitter, focus on positioning your hips correctly to avoid a poor downswing. Placing yourself in the proper stance during your setup guarantees your hips will be out of the way. This move increases lags in your drive swing. Lagging is vital for generating speed and power. 

10. Start Learning Golf as Soon as Possible 

Our golf tips for beginners guide discusses the fundamentals of golf. Golf is a lifelong sport that provides many benefits to those that learn it early. Pick up the game as soon as possible to develop your skills and build lasting relationships at IJGA. 

Even if you are a late bloomer in the golf world, not to worry! The experts at IJGA work with individuals of all ages to groom you into world-class golf professionals. We design our programs to match our students’ skill levels. Learn as a junior golfer or enroll in one of our weekly programs in Orlando, FL, to see if golf is the perfect sport for you. 

Learn Professional Golf With IJGA 

You’ve read our golf tips for beginners guide, and now you’re interested in being a part of the IJGA community! We would love to have you. At IJGA, we are a one-of-a-kind golf academy. We offer personalized golf programs to challenge and strengthen your future golf skills. 

You can’t find these lessons, coaches, or future friends anywhere else. We offer year-round classes for full-time and weekly students. Our graduates leave better prepared to tackle their goals as industry professionals. Contact us online to learn more about our year-round and seasonal programs.

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