Enjoy A Number Of Summer Golf Camp Programs With IJGA

kids learning golf techniques at summer golf camp

Summer golf camp at IJGA is unlike any other combining the fun of summer camp with high-performance training for junior golfers. Students learn from former pros with decades of experience at the most in-demand training facilities in the world. There are numerous benefits to enrolling your junior golfer into our summer camp and all-year-round programs. Read more about IJGA summer golf camp programs and how to get your child registered for the upcoming summer season

Students Choose How Often They Attend Our Summer Golf Camp

The best features of our camp include flexibility and ongoing lessons. Students choose to come for a week, several weeks, or even the entire summer. It’s up to them. Campers who attend sessions frequently progress faster, increasing their knowledge, expertise, and future opportunities. We help young golfers find a passion for golf they will carry with them for a lifetime. There is no shortage of fun, excitement, and valuable lessons at IJGA. Download our summer camp guide to learn more. 

Choose From The Core or Elite IJGA Summer Camp Programs

We place golfers in our summer programs based on their performance levels. Core and Elite are the two camp options where students receive in-depth golf instruction and conditioning for their age and skill-set. The age range is 10-19 years old. Students benefit from top-tier coaching while making friends from all over the world. 

When golfers join IJGA’s summer golf camp, they gain: 

  • Summer camp performance evaluations
  • College planning education
  • Increased coordination, fitness, endurance
  • Improved thought processing

The IJGA Elite Program: 

The Elite program is intensive training for advanced golfers to learn and perfect their craft. The program includes complete day lessons with a comprehensive plan tailored to each student. Students receive golf analytic reports, swing technique training, Trackman technology to evaluate their stats, performance growth, and areas of improvement. Upper-level golfers also receive college planning sessions with English lessons for international students. 

IJGA junior golfers enjoying summer golf camp
3 juniors golfers playing during summer camp

The IJGA Core Program: 

The core program caters to students of any skill set. Students receive golf training that focuses on game fundamentals and performance analysis. Junior golfers benefit from full-day instruction, video swing reporting, team-building, and so much more. Both programs focus on concentration, coordination, movement, and course management. Golfers are guaranteed to leave the camp more educated and prepared to excel in their golf careers. 

Train At Our Most Prestigious Golf Facility

Students receive summer golf camp training at IJGA Bishops Gate, an elite, private facility in Orlando, Florida. The Bishops focuses on high-performance preparation and real-life golfing simulations to take junior golfers to the next level. We equip students to handle all tournament obstacles from advanced weather simulations, eight different stations, long-swing studies, and accuracy conditioning. 

Learn Professional Golf With IJGA 

IJGA is the only golf academy of its kind. Our programs offer personalized teachings that mold junior golfers for future success. We offer year-round lessons whether students attend the academy full-time or learn weekly. Our graduate students leave better prepared to tackle their goals as industry professionals. Contact us online to learn more about our year-round and seasonal programs. 

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