How the Bishops Gate Practice Facility Enhances Your Summer Golf Camp Experience

Junior golf summer camp is fun. You get to practice the game you love with professional coaches, hang out with new friends, and improve in the sport from a new perspective. One of the main advantages of attending summer golf camp at IJGA is the world-class practice grounds. Today’s blog from IJGA explains how the Bishops Gate practice facility enhances your summer golf camp experience. 

Practice in Varying Conditions 

Summer golf camp prepares you for golf tournaments and improves your overall game. But that doesn’t happen if every day is sunny without any wind, nor every shot you make is on the exact same tee, hole, or course. Our practice facility has eight different stations, four for tees and four for putting or chipping. Aim for multiple target greens, whether you’re trying to swing for 200 yards or 25 yards. 

Wait until you see what happens when we turn on the wind machines to mimic various windy conditions. You’ll have to adjust your shot as you would during the course of a tournament or even a single day on the links.

Mimics a Real Course  

The practice facility at Bishops Gate mimics a real course. It has several bunkers, USGA-regulation greens and fairways, oak trees bifurcating the course, rough along the edges of the fairways, and more. Golf summer camp gives you the experience of real golf without having to walk through all 18 holes. You get variety while learning how to be consistent with your game.

Aim for Different Targets

Four tee areas let you aim for seven greens spread out along the course. One set of trees enables you to bend your longest shot towards a tiny green in a slight dogleg, while another tree to the right forces you to be extremely accurate on a mid-range shot. When the weather changes, you have a new set of challenges to think about at our junior golf summer camp.

Improve All Aspects of Your Game

Junior golf summer camp is designed to help you improve all aspects of your game. The world-class practice facility at Bishops Gate does just that, with regulation greens and a chipping course. Practice long putts, short putts, chips from just off the green, or trying to get out of a bunker. It’s all here at Bishops Gate.

Junior Golf Summer Camp at IJGA

Choose from a core program for golfers of any skill level, or the elite program for high-level players. Attend for a week, two weeks, six weeks, or as long as you like. Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more details on our upcoming summer camp season. 

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