How to Improve Your Short Game (Part 1)

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In order to improve your short game, obviously you first have to understand the difference between a short game and a long game in golf. This is one of the most basic elements that is addressed in golf training programs, because the techniques involved in either one differ greatly from the other. Understanding the difference […]

How to Improve Your Long Game (Part 2)

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The second part of the series “How to Improve Your Long Game” focuses on the details of how you can put more focus on the ball and end up where you need to be on the green. Focused practice is a key element of improving your long game, and it goes far beyond putting more […]

How to Improve Your Long Game (Part 1)

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As a whole, there are two general categories that every golf training program focuses on. They are the long game and the short game. Golfers with natural skill usually excel at one or the other, but often not both. There is no question that it is a good idea to invest time honing already existing […]

IJGA: College Planning and Placement

Golf Academies

When you are faced with choosing and applying for a college that focuses on your educational and career goals, it can be quite overwhelming. When you add in the concern of whether that institution has the sports team support and growth ability for you as a golfer, it can become downright harrowing to begin to […]

How Yoga Can Improve Your Golf Game

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When you think of exercises that may help your golf game, yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should. Golf academies all over the U.S. are adding in yoga practices to help students improve both their mental and physical golf game. Shawn, the director of physical training here at […]