Race to Scotland Update – Group 4

Greens with a white flag marking the hole

Meet the fourth group of the 2023 Race to Scotland attendees! IJGA athletes Emma, Ellena, Jasmine, Yaya, Filip, Tingwei, and Takato all experienced a once-in-a-lifetime golf opportunity.  

Photo collage of IJGA golfers on a trip to Scotland

Upon arriving, group four enjoyed the Bass Rock boat trip and grocery shopping to stay awake and avoid the tempting daytime sleep after an overnight flight.

They started golfing on a breezy day over the Dirleton Links at Archerfield, and Filip led the way with an under-par round! 

IJGA golfers on the course during the 2023 Race to Scotland

We spent the next day at Renaissance and then went to Edinburgh. The group always has fun visiting, and they stopped by for a visit to the sweet shop!

Group four played alternating rounds on Gullane #1 and #2 on Thursday and Friday, with a cool breeze picking up on Friday.

Saturday was our final round playing at Renaissance; our golfers had sunny conditions but still dealt with windy conditions. Each golfer adapted to the challenges of firm fairways and greens, which was reflected in their scorecards. 

Filip was terrific throughout, playing close to par on all courses despite the difficult conditions, but Jasmine prevailed in the competition, with Ellena second. 

IJGA golfers in Scotland side by side with a photo of the shore

Sunday was a much-needed rest day. Our group visited St Andrews, where the final of the Links Trophy was being played on the Old Course, with many of the best amateur men competing. We had fun watching them play the famous 17th road hole and making the 18th hole look easy!

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