Race to Scotland Update – Group 2

Allow us to introduce another group of IJGA athletes who participated in the second week of Race to Scotland!

Participants earn their place through on-course success, hard work, and by participating in International Junior Golf Tour, or IJGT, events. 

The second week of the Race to Scotland 2023 included golfers Hibiki Adachi, One Kashima, Sakuraka Tanaka, Boyoung Chang, Eugene Kang, Taishi Skigaki, and Yamato Kimuri. 

The second group overlapped with the first group for the first few days, making it a large gathering for a celebration on May 23rd to celebrate Hanna Chan’s 21st birthday! Hanna and her group stayed in the fantastic Marina Villa, overlooking Fidra Island, for the first night. 

The group then moved into the fifteen-bedroom Archerfield House “mansion” for the second night. The birthday celebration was a spectacular end for the first group and an exciting start for the second group. 

It was a good idea for our golfers to stay active after an overnight flight, so we arranged for the group to see Bass Rock. An impressive natural wonder of the world, Bass Rock hosts 150,000 gannet birds during their breeding season!

The weather for group two was fantastic, perfect for golf! Hibiki, Sakurako, and Eugene headed into the final day as contenders, and Eugene stormed through with a great round over Renaissance links. 

During the rest of their trip, group two enjoyed their time in Edinburgh and St Andrews and hanging out in the house. Hibiki and Eugene cooked a spectacular burger dish to celebrate the final evening in Scotland.

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