Advantages of Earning a Golf Scholarship for College

IJGA College Signers Class of 2021 holding college pennants

IJGA’s purpose is to foster your love of golf and academic excellence with the goal of preparing you for college. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship and play the sport you love. In today’s blog from IJGA, we explain the advantages of earning a golf scholarship for college.

Reduce Your Education Costs

Attending college is expensive, particularly if you have a top-notch academic program in mind. Earning a college scholarship for golf reduces your expenses for tuition, room, board, and books while giving you an opportunity to get the education you want. IJGA prepares you for earning a college scholarship.

Quality Education

With your golf skills, you can capture the attention of some big-name institutions on the Division I level. Many of these universities offer world-class academic programs.

IJGA’s partnership with Montverde Academy puts you in a position to excel in the classroom while our golf academy program helps you fly high on the golf course.

Better Courses and Resources

If you think the courses around IJGA are tough, wait until you see some of the world-class golf courses you’ll play in college. You won’t have to join a country club or wait for tee times as you train for a college scholarship for golf. You’ll get to play on a wide variety of courses and greater ranges of playing conditions.

Practice is a strong element of college golf. In college, you’ll have access to excellent training resources in the weight room along with your home course or country club.

Elevated Competition

Highschool competitors have a better skill set than casual players hitting the course every once in a while. In college, the competition gets even more intense. You’ll have to strive to bring your average down by two to three strokes to stay competitive. 

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The Junior Golf Academy Experience at IJGA

IJGA’s academy experience offers a world-class high school education to prepare you for college. Contact IJGA online or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more details. 

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