4 Ways to Know If a Junior Golf Summer Camp Is for You

You’re not sure you want to enroll in a junior golf summer camp. You already have an interest in golf, and you’d love to take your game up a notch. But how do you know you’ll get everything you can possibly get out of a summer camp? Today’s blog from IJGA discusses four ways to know if a junior golf summer camp is for you.

1. You Can’t Wait to Hit the Course

When you wake up in the morning and the weather’s nice, you can’t wait to hit the golf course. You rush through your morning chores, eat a quick breakfast, grab your clubs, and head to the links. If this is your dream routine, a junior golf summer camp is for you. Clearly you have a passion for the game.

2. You’re Serious About Improving Your Game

You want to get better at your game, and you want to learn from the best. Perhaps you had a few lessons when you were younger. However, you believe something is missing to take your game to the next level. A junior golf summer camp gives you a week or more of professional instruction to improve your overall performance, whether you need a great swing, better putting, or tournament preparation.

3. You Want to Know Other Players

Your inner circle and peers all support you, no matter what. But would you like to get to know other golf players your own age? A junior golf summer camp offers the perfect way to do that. When you attend camp with dozens of other like-minded people, you form bonds that last a lifetime.  

4. You Plan to Play Golf in College

Do you plan to play golf in college? Junior golf summer camp gives you a taste of what you need to earn a scholarship to play golf in college. IJGA hires many college coaches as instructors for our summer camp. When you attend camp for a week or two, you receive practical tips on what you need to succeed and elevate your game after high school.

Junior Golf Summer Camp at IJGA

Choose from a core program for golfers of any skill level, or an elite program for higher-level players. Attend for a week, two weeks, six weeks, or as long as you like. Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more information. 

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