A meeting place for the world’s top performing junior golfers.

The International Junior Golf Academy is proud to be the meeting place for the world’s top performing junior golfers. At IJGA we believe in developing the whole person—the athlete, the student and the young adult. The students here are fascinating young adults whose passions extend well beyond the golf course; they are simply some of the brightest, most committed and consistent athletes in the world. Emphasizing both intensive training and scholastic achievement through the nationally accredited Heritage Academy, the IJGA has produced some of the best junior golfers playing within the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). As a result, nearly all of our students receive college scholarships to the top collegiate golf programs in the United States. Highly sought after, the diverse student body represents 28 countries as athletes and scholars.

[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”B. Dunn” company=”IJGA parent” img=”11214″]Everyone at the IJGA who works with these student-athletes are focused on the kids and their success in school and on the golf course. We have seen our son become stronger in many different ways this year, not only on the golf course and in the classroom, but in responsibility, independence and character.[/us_testimonial]

What’s new

  • IJGA is building one of the only state-of-the-art indoor practice facilities in the nation for our student-athletes – a facility that will feature an indoor hitting bay, chipping areas, simulators and technical areas featuring 3-D Motion Plates and Trackman.
  • A PGA Tour quality short game area is coming soon.
  • A new dining area (FUEL) and Performance Training Facility opened last year.
  • Oh, and that’s just what we’ve got for you on campus. You have access to two new golf courses (a total of eight courses) making sure you don’t become too comfortable or used to one training venue.

All of this is happening under the direction of Jonathan Yarwood, IJGA’s new Director of Golf, and Andrew Summers, IJGA’s CEO. Jonathan has trained a U.S. Open winner, two U.S. Amateur winners, two U.S. Girls’ Winners, three AJGA Players of the Year, four #1 juniors, a collegiate #1 and winners on the PGA, LPGA, European, Challenge, Asian and Australasian tours. He has been recognized for his contribution to the game by being the youngest person to be made a British PGA Master Professional in 2011. He was also voted a “Top 20 Teacher under 40” by Golf Digest as well as voted in the “Best Teachers in State Rankings” for over a decade. He has trained student-athletes of 11 years of age until they ultimately reached the tour. He knows the pathways and processes involved to create success. He is proud to be a part of the world-class team at IJGA and to bring his experience to a new generation of junior players.

College placement

IJGA boasts nearly a 100% college placement rate with students earning over $51 million in scholarships. Alumni have attended schools such as Georgia Tech, Princeton, Dartmouth, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Yale, University of Alabama, UCLA and Boston College, just to name a few. Additionally, they’ve gone on to have successful careers on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours.

Diversity and Family

The incredible diversity at IJGA is one of our strongest assets; students come from over 40 states and more than 28 countries, but they all share a common desire to pursue their passion for golf into college and beyond. “We pride ourselves on the fact that a student attending the International Junior Golf Academy will leave with a better understanding of many other cultures and, thus the world,” said IJGA CEO Andrew Summers. “This type of global development not only makes them a better person, but will also help them stand out above their peers at college and beyond!”


At nationally accredited Heritage Academy, teachers work with students so they don’t have to compromise their schoolwork in pursuit of their passion. As a result, nearly all of our students receive college scholarships to the top collegiate golf programs in the United States. Highly sought after, the diverse student body represents 28 countries as athletes and scholars. Because many of our students are international, we offer ESL classes and encourage students to practice English.


Training & Technology

The IJGA campus is one of the first and top junior golf academies in the world. We boast technology not available anywhere else as well as a coaching team suitable for the world’s top professional golfers. We pair our students with a personal program designed by our TPI certified trainer at a 6,350 sq. ft. facility that contains the latest in cardio and weight training equipment to ensure our students get the conditioning they need to excel. Our campus is built using the latest in golf technology; Science and Motion (SAM), Interactive Frontiers V1 systems and TrackMan trajectory systems are all available to the student body. The technology we offer goes above and beyond a typical golf school. Through our partnership with Brown Golf Management, our students train at six elite golf courses. The IJGA campus is where elite golf meets elite technology.

Campus Life

The term “dormitory” derives from the Latin term dormire -to sleep- however, sleeping may be the least significant thing that happens here. The dorms at IJGA are a place to unwind, study, talk to friends, listen to music, and find time to be alone. Fellow student-athletes become friends and teammates, forging lifelong connections in the process. Spacious living quarters allow students to relax and feel at home. Each home has a living area, dining room, kitchen and washer/dryer as well as access to wireless internet and cable television. Because many of our students are international, we offer ESL classes and encourage them to practice speaking English in their dorm. IJGA is more than a golf school, IJGA is a place where young students become global citizens who are dedicated to excellence and whose passions extend beyond the golf course.

Golf Training

Your potential is waiting to be discovered, uncovered and celebrated. Are you ready?


Your Game

Your destiny is in your control. Be proud when you receive top-notch training from the world’s highest-rated instructors. With a variety of golf training programs to fit your commitment level, you will realize your full potential with the best instruction and facilities through full-time, summer golf camp, weekend, or holiday options. You will be ready for collegiate domination with IJGA.


Your Grades

There’s nothing holding you back. Be proud with programs that provide you the resources and flexibility you need to focus on your game while not sacrificing your academic future. Our programs are tailored to fit your goals and will exceed the expectations of parents and recruiters. You can count on our college placement directors to guide and support you as you move toward your next step at the college of your dreams.


Your Achievements

Your chance is now. Be proud when you are accepted to the collegiate golf program of your choice. The golf training and instruction you receive at the International Junior Golf Academy will prepare you for success through rigorous instruction, high expectations, and outstanding support to ensure your success.

We're looking for the most dedicated and talented athletes. Is that you?

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