What College Golf Coaches Want

The college recruiting process is a daunting task for most junior golfers, so it’s important to head into it knowing what coaches are looking for so that you know your priorities when it comes to being a desirable recruit. Although every coach has their own wants and needs, here is a general list of what most coaches are looking for in a player.

  • A player who can help their team
    • Every coach wants to make their team better so they are not trying to recruit players who will fit into the four or five spot on their roster. They are looking at players who can make their top three, possibly not right away but in the near future.
  • A student who can pass admissions and help their team GPA
    • There is a misconception that coaches can push players through admissions because they want them to play for their team. Unfortunately, this is not the reality in most cases. It is important that the player passes admissions on their own merit by having the test scores and GPA required by the school.
    • A coach may look at a player who may not be in their top 3 but is a solid student who will help their team GPA and has a chance to play in the future.
  • A good teammate
    • It’s not all about academics and golf scores. A coach wants a player of the utmost character and one who will fit in with the players on their team. Often coaches will have prospects meet or even stay with their team during visits as a way of seeing how they might interact in the future. Team chemistry and culture is extremely important!
  • An athlete who is coachable
    • When a coach commits to a player for four years, they certainly want one who is coachable. It’s too long of a period to be with someone who isn’t open to feedback and doesn’t have a growth mindset.

From BGGA’s College Placement Department

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